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Bio Writer, editor & media critic with a special focus on gender in the media. Comics nerd, mountain biker, snow & ocean-loving mom of three.
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Android : This is a bracingly somber account to follow, but I welcome its tweets regardless. If you can handle using this platform to get an education on a forever relevant topic, please follow the Memorial here.…

Android : I have nothing against influencers, to be clear. I have great friends who do good work & make great money influencing.

But it's reached peak awfulness (was it the sponsored marriage proposal?) & it's time to dial it back.

Dial. It. Back.

Android : Can we all agree, with the publication of this headline, that we will never again use the term influencer earnestly?

Lets get real - this influencer bubble is about to pop, and if its not a photo of a moto crash hashtagged smartwater itll be something equally as ghastly.