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Bio Host of @scifri Science Friday on Public Radio, awful poker player, slightly better at tennis, great with orchids.
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Twitter for iPad : Maybe the Danes, who saved and defended many Jews in World War II, disinvited him after his comments about Jews and disloyalty.…

TweetDeck : Lachlan and Rupert Murdoch are the ultimate stewards of this channel. They could change the course of history, if they have the courage. As they did with Roger Aisles.…

TweetDeck : This has been tried many years ago. The problem is that the body will keep attacking the new cells, like it did the old ones. You have not treated the root cause.
But if it can buy a few years of diabetes free life, it’s worth it. For now.…

iPhone : We have not seen Trump’s tax returns. We have not seen a real physical or mental health exam. We do not know exactly what he is hiding. There is no sane reason why the most powerful nation on earth does not make the release of this information mandatory.

IFTTT : Late bloomers of the summer. Always want something flowering in the garden

iPhone : People who closely follow the meandering and repetitive stream of blather at Trump’s rallies and in the White House say he’s showing alarming signs of growing dementia. The 25th Amendment remains a pipe dream, but he’s playing with way less than a full deck.

iPhone : This is the story of my life and that of most other female climate scientists on social media. But we persist.…