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Bio Grateful Dead & Jerry reigned. Big Music lover. Collect Vintage Jewelry. Elected to local office. MS service dog & I fight fascism and for the righteous!
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Twitter Web App : Yaylinux Jeff Bell Judd Legum I think he's 17 going on 10, so don't expect a lot. But he needs to know even men get raped. Where I live, there was a rapist targeting men. These were big, strong, straight men that were getting raped while walking or taking a ride.

Twitter Web App : 🌈 πƒπšπ°π§ 𝐄π₯π’π³πšπ›πžπ­π‘ πŸ¦„ Claudia Wolfgang#Resist Grandma Jones Jeff Bell Judd Legum Mine ended as the mayor of a bordering city (population 300K or so)… I never thought he would win, as I know he's done it to so many women. But he won anyway. Absolutely devastated. There will come a day I will dance on his grave, unable to dance I will crawl!

Twitter Web App : Jeff Bell Nancy C Judd Legum If you don't get it now, after all these comments (you really should try to read and comprehend) then there is no hope for you. I certainly wish, Jeff, that you have hope. Because if there is no hope for you, there's no hope for your generation, which I am guessing is young.

Twitter Web App : Intelligence Committee found Russians penetrated cyber defenses of swing states, which enabled changing & deleting users & data, infiltrating systems in advance & altered or eliminated voter registration data prior to 2016 election.

Twitter Web App : Thomas Johnson Bill Pulte I didn't realize you had a dentist appt. in the morning, and you could pay it off! Woohoo, how exciting! I got an estimate to have my mouth fixed at 12,000.00 dollars! I had some breakage due to my multiple sclerosis meds and quit smoking gum!!

Twitter Web App : Thomas Johnson Bill Pulte Or, you could just as easily not update GoFundMe, thereby getting some extra cash that you need for incidentals on your trip to wherever you are getting your transplant?

Twitter Web App : I was watching #BigBrother and thought that Nicole should have put up Cliff and Mickey. Holly has done nothing but eat cereal in this game, so if it comes to her and Holly, Nicole would easily win the jury, even with bad feelings.

Twitter Web App : Talking NFL Sunday: Carr, the q.b of the Oakland Raiders just did one of his calls before the play, as they have the ball. I hear "Richard Nixon" then numbers, then to the other side, "Richard Nixon." That was some screwy play, but worked.

Twitter Web App : ❣️Susin✌️ Bailey ❣️ Susin, try a credit union. They will ask if you are able to make a payment tho. Did you spend your entire disability check to evacuate? There's so much I could help you with, but don't know what state. I too am on SSDI, but I do get a little bit more, thank God. DM me if u want.