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iPhone : I wish more girls uploaded snaps of them driving around, smoking weed and poorly lip singing to hot new songs. I have a type and that’s it

iPhone : When a car starts going a little before the light even turns green, I’m like "oh shit they've been to this intersection before." I like that move.

iPhone : Well guys I did it! I quit my job, sold all of my belongings and I’m off to Hollywood to “follow my dreams”, all thanks to the inspirational bio on my highschool classmate’s Facebook page

iPhone : My roommate’s dog will not go to sleep if he can’t watch Finding Dory before bed. Last night, Brep came home all drunk and passed out watching FRIENDS and George chewed holes in the drywall & flipped both his doggie dishes

iPhone : Another good reason why I don’t have kids is because I don’t need some 4-year old idiot criticizing my cooking and asking me stupid questions that could easily be answered from a quick google search

iPhone : When my dad was my age he owned a house & already had his first kid with my mom. I rent an apartment with two roommates & haven't even made it to second base with my mom yet

iPhone : If you’re going through depression I just want you to know that you’re not alone and there are plenty of people you can talk to. Just not me, okay? I’m pretty busy

iPhone : Its funny how many older people say shit to me knowing I’m too nice to do anything about it, not that I couldn’t. I pride myself in knowing I could beat all but maybe two of the senior citizens with Parkinson’s I work with in a fight, if it came down to it

iPhone : Ah come on. I was at least one of the guys you were with up until 3 months ago. But listen Bryar Hegstad, try not to flatter yourself. Just because I confronted one of the guys you were cheating on me with, doesn’t mean it was about you. Please stop weaseling your way back in my DMs

iPhone : We just got kicked out of this big casino in Vegas for requesting to speak to the manager after losing a bet that I later regretted because we were cranking Coronas hardcore when I made it