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iPhone : So, here's a thing about the assault on trans rights.

The repercussions of any official bigotry are always far, far in excess of whatever the actual law says. What they put down on paper becomes the excuse for everything they don't.

iPhone : this is fucked up. if i were in the DGA I’d be asking my reps why there is not a single female directing team working in TV right now.…

iPhone : as the 2018 midterms approach, more first-time voters than ever will have the opportunity to cast their votes and make change. i directed this video for @sierraclub featuring some incredible activists and hope they inspire everyone to get to the polls on nov. 6.

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If you’re under 30, this election comes down to you. If you turn out in large numbers we will take this country back. If not, you are abandoning your own future. Tag three other young people you know, encourage them to vote, and challenge each to tag three more.

iPhone : Moe Koltun I’m mildly allergic to narration and it is a rare occasion for me that it actually works. VO can be great as long as you’re not using it to explain emotions, conflict - that’s a cop out to me.

iPhone : I try not to have blinders about what genres I write in. If the characters are compelling, that’s all I care about.…

iPhone : I like to have an outline with distinct act breaks, etc but I don’t do treatments. I generally find my way through rewriting. I start the first draft when I’ve run out of excuses not to…