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iPhone : I met many incredible people in Dayton, Ohio & El Paso, Texas yesterday. Their communities are strong and unbreakable. @potus and I stand with you!

iPhone : The New York Times will be out of business soon after I leave office, hopefully in 6 years. They have Zero credibility and are losing a fortune, even now, especially after their massive unfunded liability. I’m fairly certain they’ll endorse me just to keep it all going!

Echobox Social : Un « autre Tiananmen » à Hongkong nuirait à un accord commercial selon Trump…

iPhone : رئيس الوزراء #بوريس_جونسون بحث مع نظيره الليبي السيد فايز السراج الصراع المستمر في #ليبيا، وأكد رئيس الوزراء جونسون أهمية التزام جميع الأطراف بوقف إطلاق النار، وضرورة العودة إلى الحوار السياسي.

UK in Libya🇬🇧🇱🇾…

SocialFlow : Former Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, the states first female elected governor, has died at age 76. : At least 4,000 detained in Kashmir since region stripped of autonomy

Echobox Social : Cold War sailors 50-year-old message in a bottle found in Alaska…

SocialFlow : With demonstrations growing louder by the day in Honduras, President Hernandez must put an immediate end to state repression — #AJOpinion, by Erika Guevara-Rosas

SocialFlow : Many people know that bipolar disorder involves both high highs and low lows. But thats not the same as fast mood swings or quick decision changes, as so many people often casually joke. Heres what the condition is really like.

SocialFlow : Top White House economic advisers dismiss growing concerns that the US economy is headed for a recession.

TweetDeck : Syrie: les forces du régime entrent dans une ville clé du nord-ouest…

SocialFlow : Widespread outrage greets a reported book deal for Mark Halperin, the Game Change co-author and political commentator who has faced sexual harassment allegations.

Twitter Web App : Surf and sky.

Competitors take part in a practice session ahead of the pro-surfing trial at the famous Teahupoo break in Tahiti, French Polynesia

📸 Brian Bielmann

Twitter Media Studio : These 3D printed flip flops completely conform to your feet

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Hootsuite Inc. : UK utterly condemns the heinous attack on a #Kabul wedding last night which killed dozens of innocent #civilians. Terrorists have inflicted untold suffering to families on what should have been a night of celebration. Our thoughts are with you all. The violence must stop.

Twitter Ads Composer : Governments must prioritize peace, stability and invest boldly in what matters most for children and the untapped potential of young people in the Middle East and North Africa. #Generation2030

Twitter Web App : G Hello, Thank you for getting in touch with us. Please note that the seats chargeable, Or you can select your seat at the airport for free.

TweetDeck : Freedom of moment will end on day one of no-deal Brexit under Home Office plan…

Nonli : Sable, galets, bois flotté… Qu’avons-nous le droit de ramasser à la plage ? #Rediff

SocialFlow : Through rivers and jungles.
Hiding under sacks of produce.
Traveling through extreme heat.

Ernesto fled persecution from Nicaragua and found safety in Costa Rica.

That meant missing the chance to say goodbye to his father.

Hootsuite Inc. : Save yourself time and use our 6 free templates ✨

Le_Figaro : Comment Vladimir Poutine joue sur les faiblesses de l’Europe #Inter

SocialFlow : Forget the fresh ones: when it comes to moderated heat and depth of flavour, only dried chillies will do for chef Asma Khan

TweetDeck : The Iranian supertanker Adrian Darya 1 which used to be called Grace 1 is leaving Gibraltar after it was seized by royal marines on 4 July for allegedly smuggling oil to Syria

Echobox Social : “If Hong Kong and Beijing’s tactic is to wait for the campaign to die down, they’re simply dead wrong. Hong Kong people will soldier on,” said Doris Leung, one of the rally’s organisers from Civil Human Rights Front…

iPhone : ONE WEEK TO GO! #Sanditon airs on ITV, Sunday 25th at 9pm.

Join us for an all new drama adapted from Jane Austen’s unfinished novel.

Twitter Media Studio : “We will leave the EU on October 31st, invest more money in the NHS and crack down on violent crime.” – PM Boris Johnson #LeaveOct31

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SocialFlow : I dont much fancy to be called a collaborator in all this

Former minister Alistair Burt hits back at criticism of his stance on a no-deal Brexit

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TweetDeck : Exclusive: Met Police decided not to conduct full investigation into court claims of sex trafficking of girl in Prince Andrew photo…

iPhone : I discharged myself because of how bad things were. Why are black women five times more likely to die as a result of complications in pregnancy than white women? Catch up with our special programme 👉

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iPhone : We now have an epidemic of live facial recognition in the UK

Silkie Carlo from Big Brother Watch tells @chrisitv the technology should be banned as the data watchdog investigates its use in Kings Cross:

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Twitter Web App : Claims that 18yo Solomon Small had been groomed, criminal gang threatening family, no support from authorities. Within months of being back in Lambeth he’d been fatally stabbed.

Solomon’s mother watched her son have surgery on street, as did other kids & adults says Dwaynamics…

iPhone : Exclusive:

Govt warned by Home Office officials Britain could face another Windrush over attempts to end free movement of EU migrants overnight on Oct 31

Paper discussed by Brexit XO last week recommended continuing free movement until 2021

Plans were rejected by ministers

iPhone : 📺 Drug users sharing needles is driving an HIV outbreak in Glasgow. This is now Britain’s worst HIV epidemic in 30 years, and it’s still spreading.…

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TweetDeck : Tributes and flowers are being left in memory of PC Andrew Harper.

Friends, family and colleagues of PC Harper have laid flowers at the scene in Sulhamstead.

We want to sincerely thank everyone for their messages of support following Thursday’s tragic events.

Android : Just off on hols but wanted to say thanks to GardeningTwitter for recommending biocontrol that let me bring my little box hedge back from the near-dead.

iPhone : Normal twitter service will resume from tomorrow. I’ve spent the last week at a sports resort in Spain, surrounded by people more toned and tanned than I could ever imagine.

iPhone : The visit will take place from 22nd to 23rd October and will include a day of engagements in Tokyo 🇬🇧 🇯🇵…

iPhone : Watch Tom Watsons incredible speech at the Power to the People rally in Central Hong Kong tonight, met with applause from 60,000+ peaceful protesters #StandwithHK…

iPhone : Ken Clarke:

🇪🇺- Invisible during the referendum campaign
🇪🇺- Voted for Theresa Mays deal 3 times
🇪🇺- Said a 2nd ref would be silly
🇪🇺- Voted against an amendment that would have lead to a Peoples Vote

Why exactly do Chuka Umunna & Jo Swinson want him to be caretaker PM?

Twitter Web App : Me on #Ridge, re Jeremy Corbyn & The Labour Party plans to revive high streets. “We’re giving power to councils, to take properties left for 12 months into mgmt’. New start ups, charities & not for profit orgs could use those properties & for somewhere like Consett, that’d be brilliant”

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iPhone : Getting a lot of tweets from non-disabled people telling me we shouldn’t call Greta Thunberg disabled. Each follows a similar message: “I cant see Greta as disabled. Her achievements are incredible.” I just want to quickly unpack this. 1/?

iPhone : When reading the Drugs & disease section of ‘operation Yellowhammer’ striking that Govt deliberately plans to unleash this chaos just as NHS enters its busiest six months. Not so much ‘do or die’ but for some #DoAndDieBrexit #operationchaos…

Twitter for iPad : Wow.....the three iconic towers of didcot are no more! I drove past them many times when I was at #CentralSouth - end of an era!…

iPhone : Dick Van Dyke singing Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in a restaurant will cheer you up no end

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TweetDeck : Fans Forum: How did your club do this weekend? Any thoughts on how your team has started the season? Share your views and they could appear on the programme tomorrow!  ⚽⚽⚽

iPhone : We have an exciting opportunity for a Production Journalist to join our ITV News team. Please apply via the link below:…

Twitter Web App : Government hits back at leaked Operation Yellowhammer report which suggests no-deal will lead to shortages…

iPhone : Right, that’s your lot from me on here until September...Shared Parental Leave starts today. Time to delete the Twitter app from my phone. I’ll miss it!

iPhone : Wales have provisionally become number 1 in the World Rugby Rankings after beating England in Cardiff, ending New Zealands 509 week run at the top.


iPhone : When you’ve had a fairly rough couple of days, there’s nothing better than spending our Saturday morning doing our nails in front of the tv. Pink and sparkly makes anything better! #mummydaughter #sparkles #pinknails #glitternails #andrelax

iPhone : this was rather misleading...
SD annual report yesterday: we currently have Grant
Thornton who have vast experience of the Sports Direct Group and our intention is to ask our shareholders to approve their reappointment for a further year at the AGM.


Echobox Social : Experts say an autopsy showed a large amount of plastic waste in the mammals intestine

TweetDeck : In July, John McDonnell told Robert Peston a Government of National Unity wouldnt survive or work. Does Jeremy Corbyns letter to other Party Leaders and Tory rebels mean Labour has changed its mind? #Peston…

TweetDeck : Police Scotland have spent more than £7m preparing for civil unrest and protests in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

iPhone : Blame it on video games. Mental health. Social media.

Don’t blame it on the guns 🕺

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Twitter Media Studio : Both Holbeach and Cavendish topped the 🌡️ temperature table today with highs of 22.6 °C. West was best for #sunshine with Aberporth and Camborne both seeing 11 hours ☀️

Here are Sundays weather statistics 👇

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CrowdControlHQ : The list of sites where motorists can expect to see mobile speed cameras in Nottinghamshire during the coming week has been announced.

The list is published for your safety and to encourage motorists to slow down.

Android : Already messed up my fantasy football team by making Salah captain but not saving the change. Hoping Jamie Vardy pulls through for me at this desperate time.

Android : “…it’s like a punch in a gut … until it happens to you, you don’t know…”

Seven #LGBT people from the world of sport have been telling us about their experiences of homophobia and transphobia.


Twitter Web App : 大批示威者現時仍佔據金鐘夏慤道行車線,嚴重影響附近一帶交通。 示威者用丫叉將硬物投向政府總部,更用鐳射光線照射於政府總部佈防的警務人員,威脅在場各人的人身安全。警方警告示威者必須停止違法行為,立即離開。

iPhone : I wrote about how fucking unfair it is to wait 10 years to be diagnosed with an uncurable, debilitating disease like endometriosis, and to know that precious research resource is being wasted on evaluating how attractive that makes me.…

Android : Women: I’m not society’s idea of beautiful. I made my peace with that years ago. As Amy Poehler says, it’s not my currency. Every day since I’ve started showing my face on here, people (mostly men) have tried to use their dislike of it to try to silence my voice 1/

Android : I know Twitter is an extraordinary place but this is genuinely the dumbest tweet Ive ever received…

iPhone : Family describe Pc Andrew Harper as loveliest person you will ever meet who celebrated his dream wedding in July…

iPhone : Very concerned to hear about this latest security alert in Newtownbutler. Totally condemn those responsible who are intent on creating disruption and worry within the community.…

Android : Specialist search teams are using sonar equipment to search a section of the #RiverStour near #Sandwich in #Kent for missing six-year-old Lucas Dobson. Latest here:…