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Twitter Web App : TurfShowTimes Interesting. I personally plan on spending ungodly amounts on new gear and tickets to the new stadium. I'm just one fan, however.

Twitter Web App : TurfShowTimes I expect this will change some with the roll out of new uniforms and stadium? And over time, with winning football, of course.

Twitter Web App : matt Laura Miller Ilhan Omar I'm not talking about devaluing college, just saying that if you have 1000 doctors and only 100 openings, for example. It's clear that I'm not communicating very well.

Twitter Web App : matt Laura Miller Ilhan Omar That's one argument, and it isn't an argument against taxing billionaires it is an argument against paying that tax myself. Your assumption that somehow the market will be flooded with investments seems unlikely, what happens when a free degree doesn't equal a job?

Twitter Web App : matt Laura Miller Ilhan Omar I think it might be a little naive to think that billionaires would be taxed and not find a way to transfer that tax to us. I didn't say it would for certain, I said likely.