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iPhone : Towards global data products of Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) on species traits…

Kissling et al outline the conceptual & empirical basis for the use of EBVs based on traits, & highlight tools necessary for creating EBV data products #biodiversity

iPhone : How about this Sicilian fly. When I looked through the camera, I thought for a second it was a jumping spider with these shiny black eyes on the thorax. Even turned them towards me as I moved. A jumping-spider mimic fly!

iPhone : Globally, ≈ 27% of all #ForestDisturbance 2001-2015 was associated with commodity-driven #deforestation, predominantly in the #tropics. That is the #beef you eat, the #soy fed to animals you eat, and the #PalmOil in processed food…

iPhone : Lots of Manxies fledged last night into horrendous weather. If you find a shearwater ashore follow these guidelines. Keep them in a box until dark then take them to the sea and release them into the wind. Make sure there are no Herring Gulls nearby. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FEED THEM.

Twitter Web Client : Heikki Helle Love Dalén Melanocorypha larks don't currently occur so far north, but who knows what the scene was 30,000 yrs ago.

Yep ~120mm wing-chord is too big for e.g. large pipits & lapland longclaw (90-95mm) but seems ok for larger larks and redwing (110-120mm). More clues plz!

Twitter Web Client : Konza is over the ocean! Konza, the Upland Sandpiper carrying a solar-powered satellite tag, left her pre-migration staging location in Oklahoma on 4 Sept. Track her progress here:…

iPhone : Hello world!

I have literally not tweeted in c. 30,000 years!

I have been frozen in permafrost since the last Ice Age, and was just found at 7 meters depth, 200 meters inside an ice tunnel in Siberia.

Not sure what species I am. Any ideas, Twitter?