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iPhone : European blockbirds are weirdly easy to identify. Except 14 and 18?…

iPhone : Yara Haridy Or that’s what I thought anyway. But given they prey on squishy larvae you may be right that they can jab them to haul them out of crevices. Any evidence of that?

iPhone : Yara Haridy That site gives wrong impression that they spear prey with the tongue. The barbs are for snagging things that the tongue is next to, more like little hooks, and unlike harpoon barbs which are actually inserted with the tip of the harpoon.

iPhone : Dispersal predicts hybrid zone widths across animal diversity: Implications for species borders under incomplete reproductive isolation:…

iPhone : Astute thread on how the Remain camp can prevail in parliament armed with facts and technicalities, but will only ever win a public vote with a radically different approach.…

iPhone : Goulds Shortwing is one of THOSE birds you just have to see. But you gotta go somewhere good to see it. Ive been lucky to see it twice in the Himalayas on its breeding grounds. This pic was taken in Yunnan by Tang Jun:…