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Bio Senior Lecturer in Biodiversity. Fan of animal behaviour, macroecology, conservation biology, tropical forests, birds and birding.
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Twitter Web Client : Less “nurturing a paradigm shift”, and more “repairing a paradigm drift” says Dan Faith. #biodiversity is not just about ecosystem production functions, it is the “store house” and “factory” of life on Earth.…

iPhone : Amazing moments in journalism: Alexander Nix boasts about using hidden cameras while being filmed by a hidden camera #CambridgeAnalyticaUncovered

Twitter Web Client : Lewis Spurgin It's a calculated move from an old playbook, and it may yet work. If he can turn public opinion against university staff then our action may count for nothing. We need to keep making our case to students and the public to keep them onside.

Twitter Web Client : Do female birds sing? You need only listen to your local Northern Cardinals to find out. Scientists have just issued a call for more attention to this widespread but widely overlooked behavior.

iPhone : Momentarily pausing my Twitter hiatus to post Figure 8 from Nakamura et al 1993 which features a squished mosquito on the official Wiley journal page #sciencetwitter

Twitter Web Client : Our meta-analysis does not support the status signalling hypothesis in house sparrows. Instead, it highlights strong and misleading publication bias.… … #ornithology #metaanalysis #animalbehaviour #publicationbias

Twitter Web Client : Sarah Hardy NHM Oology These are fantastic. I want! They are mainly accurate but the blackbird looks off-target. It should be slightly bigger/more elongate than song thrush, and (compared with your current version) slightly blotchier, less finely speckled, with darker/duller/less orangey speckling.

Twitter Web Client : Many uni leaders (HoDs and VCs) have been disappointingly tongue-tied in this dispute, as if unaware how their silence has affected morale. Good to see a few are finally finding their voice and taking aim at the wider issues.…