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iPhone : 340 DAYS TO GO:
2008 Dem: Clinton led by 19.2 points.
2008 GOP: Giuliani led by 14.3 points.
2012 GOP: Gingrich led by 6.2 points.
2016 Dem: Clinton led by 26.8 points.
2016 GOP: Trump led by 13.3 points.

iPhone : 190 soldiers returned home to Wisconsin yesterday after being deployed for more than a year.

“My heart is just overfilled,” one mother said. “I need nothing for Christmas. I have my Christmas present.”

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iPhone : Speechless. Members of the public with nothing but a narwhal tusk and a fire extinguisher tackle a murderous terrorist.

Heroism, pure and simple.

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iPhone : This guy had shopped these so-called Jeffrey Epstein videos around to many lawyers for several months. Pretty sordid story about how two of the victims' most prominent and veteran attorneys fell into his trap. nytimes.com/2019/11/30/bus…

iPhone : This NYT story has a remarkable amount of on-the-record finger-pointing from within the Kamala Harris organization. nyti.ms/2L2GQYw