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Twitter for iPad : I think this should be the entire video. Watch this. I dare you. LOL

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Twitter for iPad : I was lead to believe there havent been Jews in Bethlehem in the West Bank for over a millennium. If there were they would be called settlers & colonialists.

Ive unearthed home video from 1933 showing the peasant Jews of Bethlehem including a police station sign in Hebrew. 😲

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Twitter for iPad : Why is Tlaib allowed to abuse the power of the office that she should not be in?

America stands with Israel!

Impeach Tlaib. Her racist hate speech is not what America stands for. If you can honestly support the Holocaust, you need to check yourself!

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Twitter for iPad : WATCH | Nigel Farage says he made the biggest political mistake of [his] life believing that May would deliver Brexit. Oh and have you seen what shes done this afternoon?! Just when you think she cant sink any lower, she surrenders to virtually everything! #VoteBrexit

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Twitter for iPad : “IsraAID will work with both refugee & host communities to meet these needs, and we plan to stay for the long term”


Twitter for iPad : We are hours away from causing a MASSIVE EARTHQUAKE in politics. We must turn out in vast numbers as before, send a CLEAR message to EU & MPs YOU ARE ALL DONE We the 17.4 Million will have are day, we will have the #Brexit we voted for. 17.4 Million Ppl speak again. THANK YOU.

Twitter for iPad : 14)
Finally, I agree that #FakeNews is the enemy of the people.

And I believe CNN spreads fake news.

Now, I am certain that CNN is also a mouthpiece of the murderous mullahs' regime in #Iran.

That's low. Even for CNN.

Twitter for iPad : America, please know the #Iran regime threat is very real & close to home.

Twitter for iPad : Thursday 23rd May.
Judgement Day.
Send a message that the world will hear. twitter.com/Nigel_Farage/s…

Twitter for iPad : Well put by Rebeccah Heinrichs:
The Iranian regime is beginning to panic because the walls are closing in on them.

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Twitter for iPad : David Vance I will be voting The Brexit Party. The FUTURE is bright, the future is #BrexitParty Euro, Local and General Elections. Lets change politics for good, lets get people who actually care about our England and Union.

Twitter for iPad : Last week the Electoral Commission told Brexit Party they were compliant. Then to appease Remain campaigners they opened an investigation.

They investigated me twice and said all was fine. Then to appease Remain campaigners they fined me.

How can this biased regulator continue? twitter.com/pa/status/1130…