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iPhone : Didn’t think I’d do this today, but here’s a short thread on being a womanist, a critical thinker and staying within an insular religious community:

We’re here, we’re not leaving and we will keep fighting until our voices are heard.

Oh wait, that’s it.

Twitter Web App : ..CNN host said most people would describe rape as a violent assault, to which she responded: ‘I think most people think of rape as being sexy… Think of the fantasies’..
#TuesdayMorning #TuesdayThougts #News #Trump #Qanon #1A #2A #WWG1WGA #KAG

Twitter for iPad : Omar gets a challenger...

Rising Young GOP Star Danielle Stella To Take On Ilhan Omar In 2020 magaconservatives.com/rising-young-g…

Twitter Web App : Why are you not questioning the COST of an education?? It has gone up because there is no accountability on the part of the school as people get low interest loans and dont think about the consequences long term. #PersonalResponsibility twitter.com/AOC/status/114…

Twitter Web App : James OKeefe) 's Twitter Profile">James OKeefe Project Veritas James OKeefe) 's Twitter Profile">James OKeefe i have followed you for a while and have never seen your tweets in my feed. I happened across a retweet of you today. Twitter has me suppressed and I get few views even with a 7k following but I will push this story as hard as I can. Donald J. Trump #MAGA

iPhone : 😳😳😳 Huh? What’s with all these lunatics coming out of the asylum?
When you say crazy 💩, the network cuts to commercial!

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Android : 💥Alyssa Milano, you sexually assaulted me.

Im now coming forward.

The damage youve caused me has effected my whole life [Blasey-Ford].

I want everyone to know youre a sexual predator.

I wonder how many other people youve sexually assaulted.

🔥Alyssa, thoughts on this... twitter.com/Alyssa_Milano/…

Twitter Web Client : Omar married her brother to commit immigration fraud
Has 3 kids by another man
Files fraudulent tax returns with the guy she wasn’t married to
“Default” Divorces brother right before she’s elected
And refuses to answer questions
Great job MN!

iPhone : As long as the UK and RoI wish, the Irish border will never be a hard one. The UK had already unilaterally declared its commitment to an open border. The EU is purposefully stirring up trouble. We need to no deal Brexit, keep the border open, and call the EU’s bluff.