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Android : Anti-Trump Chris Wallace Gets Giddy During Impeachment Vote: I Can Feel Goosebumps

Yeah, Shep got goosebumps too... then his ratings tanked and now hes unemployed.

iPhone : The evidence is OVERWHELMING that Ilhan Omar has committed multiple felonies!

The ONLY reason shes still in Congress is because theyre cowards & scared to death of the MOB & accused of racism!

Shes not a victim! Shes a FELON & should be PROSECUTED!

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iPhone : Chuck Schumer He’s as much a part of NY as the Frank Sinatra song. Your to little to admit he’s a great achiever the very symbol of NY. And by the way, you’re not

iPhone : President Donald J. Trump on sacred values in America in a Keep America Great rally in Tupelo, Mississippi:

We will never stop fighting for the sacred values that bind us together as one America.

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Twitter Web App : These sweet #dolphins were spotted this weekend cruising just off the coast of the Israeli city of Hadera.

A rare & beautiful sight!🐬🌊🇮🇱🐬

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