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Bio Boss lady. Love F1, loud obnoxious music, my cats and living in the south of Spain, although my heart belongs in Manchester.
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Twitter Web Client : What a childish response from someone's boss!

Also, "#Horner described attempts to re-sign #Ricciardo as akin to 'trying to convince a girl to go out with you who is being pretty reticent'."?! You stay classy now, Christian.

#danielricciardo #honeybadger #redbullracing #F1…

Android : This thread is terrifying. And no, it's not #ProjectFear, it's the harsh reality for many, voted for by a misled tiny majority, in a non-legally binding advisory referendum based on misinformation delivered by an illegally-run campaign. Why is this happening?! #StopBrexit…

Twitter Web Client : Some online trolls have taken it upon themselves to publicly label my husband a "#ginger #lumbersexual". This is massively unfair and, to be frank, rather insulting. He is categorically NOT ginger.

Android : marc riley The world is bigger than just "Levvy" Marc, I live in the south of Spain and can see Africa from my house so am actually dealing with this shit. To think I interviewed you and Mark as a 6th form student when you were my heroes, your blinkered view of this is actually really sad.

Android : marc riley It's pest control dude, especially in hot countries where they also have to trap cockroaches and scorpions etc. I'm sorry but I'd rather not have malaria and would rather those living in poverty in third world countries have access to this kind of thing. That's what I meant.