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iPhone : Daisy hates strangers that come to the house so she’s currently in time out until the Xfinity guy finishes fixing our internet problem. Just in case she decides to bite his face off.

iPhone : No stream tonight my Xfinity WiFi is terrible rn and won’t let me stream 2 min without disconnecting. Not what I pay $70/month for 🙃

iPhone : My roommate brought out an accordion from her closet and is practicing downstairs rn???

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iPhone : Gamakichi So awkward because I’ve met her before and introduced myself hoping that would prompt her to introduce herself by the name she wants me to call her but she didn’t say it 🙃

iPhone : F I just realized I don’t know what to call Kevin’s mom when I visit for the holidays. It’d be weird to call her by her last name bc she’s divorced. So I call her by her first name? My Asian upbringing won’t let me do that HeLP

iPhone : Things I learned in therapy: I’m a neurotic, uptight control freak that worries too much and can’t enjoy life in the moment.

Things I also learned: I don’t like my therapist.

iPhone : Stayed up til 2:30am on a weekend doing work that I love.

Is this what it’s like to be happy with your job?

iPhone : Welp, I’m going to the Facebook holiday party tomorrow with my brother. Time to get mistaken for his girlfriend by all his coworkers 🙃