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Bio I teach journalism and direct the Studio 20 program at NYU, critique the press, direct @membershippzzle. Started blogging in 2003. Still at it.
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Twitter Web Client : I keep thinking about this from emptywheel about journalists covering the impeachment hearings as theatre. It's not a struggle between Republicans and Democrats, she writes. "It’s a fight between those defending the Constitution and the Republican party." emptywheel.net/2019/11/14/bre…

iPhone : My personal experience with Trump's dishonesty escalation: in 2017, I could fact check all of his false claims for the week in a few hours on Sunday. In 2018, it started taking almost all of Sunday and some additional time. Now it requires two people. twitter.com/ddale8/status/…

Twitter Web Client : "It’s a general feature of reporting during the Trump Administration that the press picks and chooses which parts of rule of law they will both-sides, and which they will fiercely defend as an unquestioned value." emptywheel.net/2019/11/14/bre… By emptywheel

Twitter Web Client : "But I didn’t see reporting and writing that I felt captured [the] momentous nature of what was going on. Instead, I saw how political reporters, faced with facts that overwhelmingly support one political party over another, avoid saying as much." presswatchers.org/2019/11/reuter…

Twitter Web Client : It is depressing to the point of despair, and yet instructive about the state of the country to read the Reliable Sources crew on how the impeachment hearings were portrayed in the right wing media sphere. us11.campaign-archive.com/?u=47c9040f6ff…