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Twitter Web App : He elbowed his way into pop music as a legendary supporting vocalist but his own tracks are premium and quintessential west coast.
Had this on repeat from last September to spring:…
Give Music And Me and Prodigal Son albums a listen

Twitter Web App : Lets talk about the post-INF Treaty U.S. test of a ground-launched Tomahawk Missile:…

iPhone : Rest in peace Peter, and thanks for all the movies 👌🏻

#peterfonda #easyrider

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Twitter Web App : Doug DeMuro MoparNZ Dougs right. It wasnt an option. However they didnt just make it for 287 vehicles - that was just the North American market. Japan had the car for another year before production ended, and there were European variants. Still pretty rare though.

iPhone : Agree. City centers would be better without cars. Bolster your public transportation infrastructure instead. Leave cars as a way to connect those central hubs.…

Twitter Web App : I got approximately three billion bug bites in Miami this weekend and theyre all on my ankles

Untappd : I just earned the Cheers to Independent U.S. Craft Breweries (Level 13) badge on Untappd!

Twitter Web App : Braking action poor to grab your snorkel.

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Twitter Web App : Corey D Lewis It was unique. Ill say that. Ive seen a lot of retromods. I dont like Chevy motors in non-Chevys but I didnt hate it. Here are a few other pics of it…

Android : Check out this giveaway, courtesy of wtfmoses) 's Twitter Profile">wtfmoses.#ad

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Twitter Web App : We are officially declaring MISSION SUCCESS for our crowdfunded Planetary Society #LightSail2 spacecraft! We did it people(s)!

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Android : I have no idea which genius made it, but it was worth the creation of Monty Python for this alone. It’s perfect.
#BorisJohnson #JeremyCorbyn #Brexit #BrexitShambles #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation #SundayMorning

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Twitter Web App : I have no idea which genius made it, but it was worth the creation of Monty Python for this alone. It’s perfect.
#BorisJohnson #JeremyCorbyn #Brexit #BrexitShambles #SundayThoughts #SundayMotivation #SundayMorning

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iPhone : Stef Schrader Thats one of the biggest reasons I like the Revel, its the size of a short wheelbase sprinter. Plus it has a 5,000 lbs tow capacity. Get an aluminum trailer and it could tow most racecars

Android : @Grouplove is like Sonic youth and dinosaur Jr smashed into one mediocre LA band. #1045BDay

iPhone : More than ever, the media world can be divided between those who think deeply about their audience and those who think they’re entitled to attention.

Twitter Web App : #HappyBirthday Nelson Piquet, 67. Piquet won 3 world championships & 23 GPs, but in my view the most beautiful #F1 car he ever raced was perhaps the least successful: the ’79 Brabham BT48, resplendent in scarlet Parmalat livery & powered by a wonderfully sonorous Alfa V12 engine.

Twitter Media Studio : This 3-D holographic lets you become #CaptainAmerica.

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Twitter Web App : Hi. Despite reports to the contrary, we at Jalopnik are very much still using secure messaging services for our reporting. That will never change.

See how to securely contact us here:…

Twitter Web App : Patrick George Agreed, and also something I never thought Id say. But, in several cases, it also wont happen until transportation planners realize they need to improve public transit in the suburbs not just urban

iPhone : Patrick George Jalopnik Driving in the city sucks. Avoiding cars as a pedestrian sucks. Assuming there’s a decent public transportation system (which a lot of cities have), I’ll never understand the push back. Up-and-coming cities should plan DT areas without passenger cars at all.

Twitter Web App : Justin You should probably correct the post about the Mini e. BMW didnt get 45,000 actual pre-orders. They just got 45,000 registrations of interest.…

iPhone : Alfistis from far and wide took The Road Well Traveled to help us and MotorTrend celebrate over a century of speed and style. #AlfaAtMonterey #MontereyCarWeek

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Sprout Social : Stand out from the summer crowd in the BMW 3 Series, with more horsepower and more torque that make for more summer thrills. : Planning a group event? We can open early for you! Just let us know a week or so in advance.

iPhone : Attn TeePublic: Hey, you have a designer named hizodesign selling merch on your site featuring my Milk & Cheese characters, using my artwork/designs. Is TeePublic the place to discover, support and promote the worlds best ind t-shirt designers or a rip-off mill? #removeit

iPhone : The Oscar for best death or dying by a duck goes to.

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Instagram : | Locked into emotion, finely tuned |
Photographed for @caranddriver
#LockedIn #fIREHOSE #songlyriccaption #DodgeChallengerSRTHellcatWidebody #LightningLap #drift #FormulaDrift @ VIRginia International Raceway…

Facebook : Another machete attack near Ralph’s. Where do all of these machetes come from?!

Instagram : #firstwefeast if you the ultimate steak sandwich, #jackpirtleschicken is the place to go
#memphischicken @ Jack Pirtles Chicken…

Android : City with largest population by year.

300: Rome
400: Rome
500: Constantinople
600: Constantinople
700: Changan
800: Changan
900: Baghdad
1000: Baghdad
1100: Baghdad
1200: Hangzhou
1300: Hangzhou
1400: Nanjing
1500: Beijing
1600: Beijing
1700: Beijing
1800: Beijing
1900: London

Twitter Web Client : Maserati Sebring 3500 GTiS (1962-1965) Front Grille
#Maserati3500GTiS #Grille #bumperautomobile #AliTaylorBumper #classiccar

iPhone : Bring your questions & journey with us to discover more during this exclusive exhibition! Origins: Fossils from the Cradle of Humankind. Coming October 19, 2019. Advance Tickets available: Members 8.29, Public 9.5
-in partnership Wits University National Geographic #PerotMuseum #DigDeeper

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iPhone : With peak temperatures of 42 degrees Celsius and a track temperature of up to 54 degrees Celsius at Nardò, the #Porsche #Taycan proved its long-distance qualities before the launch. The details: #soulelectrified