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iPhone : FYI Eric Rauchway wrote a whole book tackling (and demolishing) the argument that Roosevelt forced a depression and collapse against Hoover's benevolence between FDR's election and his inauguration.

In case you are reading a new round of Hoover appreciations. basicbooks.com/titles/eric-ra…

iPhone : HHS changed its description of the stockpile because the President's idiot son-in-law said so washingtonpost.com/politics/2020/…

Twitter Web App : Reporting tonight it’s clear that there are huge, huge fortunes being made now on the COVID Crisis. We keep hearing that states and cities are having to bid against each other to purchase lifesaving goods. But who are the counter parties? Those folks have a product ...

Twitter for iPad : "Now, [Western countries] run the risk of rejecting the best practices of combating the pandemic as they imagine 'Asian solutions' that can never be replicated in their countries." foreignpolicy.com/2020/04/02/con…

Twitter for iPad : The second is the fact that Withers owned his music, which meant he and his family — and not the labels — profitted from his work.

Twitter for iPad : Two things stick out to me, first, this recollection from his childhood. Given this was written only five years ago, it’s a reminder of how *recent* Jim Crow and its violence is.

Twitter Web App : Mike Duncan lmao. the whole thing is so transparent. like, if you're going to catalog your beefs, just put it out there! just say "i don't like kevin kruse" or "i don't like ezra klein" or "i don't like jamelle bouie"

Twitter Web App : when being too online tips into being poisoned by online which leads to terminal brain rotting

Twitter Web App : i don't think i've never seen someone use their column to meticulously catalog their twitter beefs and then pretend it is some kind of twitter typology versus an airing of grievances against people they don't like. nationalreview.com/2020/04/twitte…