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Bio Teacher of English, media and drama for 24 years; LA adviser for six. Secondary and primary English and literacy. Media and film education. All views personal.
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Android : These arrived today! Delighted to be published and hugely grateful to the people who got me there. amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/113834…

Twitter Web App : Join us to explore ways of 'Improving English in Primary Schools'. For school and curriculum leaders. twitter.com/NorthYorksEng/…

Android : This is going to be an important event, we hope, for thinking hard - and thinking practically - about what English is and could/should be. Keynotes to fuel thinking & offer ideas, workshops led by practitioners & a teacher panel. twitter.com/engmediacentre…

Android : James Durran Great teaching of English is certainly rich, varied, exciting and memorable. Great poems and books linger in the mind.....explanations and retrieval will play their part, amidst so much talk and ideas. Thanks James

Android : Carl Hendrick It's much more naturally a part of lessons with "elementary and pre-school" children, which was the focus of the study. (Try teaching a Year 1 class for an hour with no moving about at all!)

Android : The teaching of English cannot be reduced to 'explanation, practice and retrieval'.

(At least, not without expanding the definitions of those things so far as to make them pretty unhelpful.)

Android : Carl Hendrick It's a fascinating thing. If different teachers really have so little effect, then presumably different ways of teaching don't matter much. In which case, what are we all arguing about all the time?

Android : Lots in the news about making flights #carbon_neutral at the moment. This superb little film is still spot-on, and is also still VERY funny. Well worth re-watching. (Very proud that Alex Randall is an ex-student.)