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Bio tRump loather. Dad. Go Bears! Followed by Barack Obama and Scott Dworkin. Proudly blocked by DLoesch. #resistance #resist #FoxFakeNews ##MoscowMitch #FBR
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iPhone : Donald J. Trump You might as well quote Nixon & say “I’m not a crook”

Your guilt is palpable & like a frightened child you are scurrying & scampering, but u know the end of your presidency is nigh, & the American people, & throngs around the world, will rejoice in your imminent demise #impeach

iPhone : Happy Impeachment Inquiry Announcement Day everyone!

#impeachment #ImpeachTheMF #ImpeachDonaldTrumpNOW #ImpeachmentHearings #ImpeachmentParty

iPhone : Donald J. Trump this is it. The beginning of the end of your joke of a presidency. All the lies, the crimes and the coverups., it’s all over. You’ll leave in disgrace and your legacy is shame and treason, and good people all over the world are celebrating.

How does that feel?

iPhone : Mark Meadows Your ridiculous and feeble defence of your orange leader is both sad and sickening. I look forward to his ouster and to the continued demise of the Republican Party. #ImpeachTheMF #ImpeachmentNow

iPhone : Please, please, please let this be what finally brings that lying orange nut sack down! #Impeachment…

iPhone : The hypocrisy of the First Hooker’s anti-bullying #BeBest campaign while her marmalade sugar daddy uses the office of the POTUS to bully a 16 year old girl with Aspergers Syndrome is astounding. These two need to go. Yesterday.
#HOtus #FLOTITS #BestestBe #impeachment #LockHimUp