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Bio Umma in @KimsConvenience, Captain Yao in @ExpanseSyFy, Beckwith in @OrphanBlack, Dr Orr on @cbcstreetlegal. Mom, actor, citizen. All opinions are my own.
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iPhone : The Trudeau government has already met its target of cutting poverty by 20 per cent by 2020. The next goal: slashing poverty in half by 2030. #cdnpoli…

iPhone : Even after his comrades in World War I were wounded, unconscious or dead, Lau Sing Kee kept going. But despite being a decorated war hero, he was denigrated for his ethnicity.

iPhone : Gives me chills.

Today Hong Kong protesters covered one eye.

To stand in solidarity with the woman who police shot in the eye during the protests.


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iPhone : We learn in med school that if someone comes to the emergency room calling themselves the King of Israel and the second coming of God, that patient is either high on drugs or is having a psychotic break and needs to be promptly evaluated with a tox screen and psychiatric consult.

iPhone : “Halfway through her Wednesday campaign event in Los Angeles, the crowd erupted into a chant of ‘Two cents! Two cents!’ after Warren detailed her signature plan—a 2% tax on the ultra-wealthy that would amount to two cents on every dollar over $50 million.”…

Twitter Web App : G Tsourapis Yes, he was convicted, then the verdict was overturned by a Tribunal. I watched most of the trial.

iPhone : Ex-Premier Kathleen Wynne on PC #sexed curriculum:

"I'm glad now that this government has re-introduced, what is essentially from what I can tell, the curriculum that had been developed, in consultation with experts, with parents, with people all across the province." #onpoli

iPhone : Allies don't offer to annex the territory of their allies -- for money or not.

The only reason that what POTUS has done to Denmark "doesn't matter" is because the world believes he is a sad, senile tyrant, who at the end of the day won't do anything because he is lazy and weak.

iPhone : We always try to go to #KimsConvenience events to show our support for our extended fam, the Kims Convenience cast, but I got to say...

We are really looking forward to meeting Amanda Brugel for the first time!


iPhone : Join the cast and creative minds of #KimsConvenience on September 22 at #JFL42 in Toronto as they discuss their experiences working on the show! #ComedyCon

iPhone : A question Canadians need to be asking themselves is: why is #AndrewScheer’s campaign coordinating with a malign foreign influence operation?
Paid foreign troll factories have been barraging social media with content attacking Trudeau & supporting Scheer. Why? #cdnpoli #elxn2019

iPhone : Remember the ICE raids on Aug 7th that seized 680 workers at Koch Foods plants in Mississippi? Those workers had just won a $3.75M settlement against Koch for sexual harassment and race discrimination.

These employers ARE violating civil rights, then weaponizing ICE as a cover.…

iPhone : Now would be a good time for all the living ex-presidents to gather together and tell the country that Trump is losing it, that he is not above the law, and that he is endangering Americans. Because he is.