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Twitter Web App : Ian Poulter) 's Twitter Profile">Ian Poulter PGA TOUR Agree, but question Ian Poulter) 's Twitter Profile">Ian Poulter, does whipping it out in front of the world and taking a piss off the cliff of 6th hole at famed Pebble, 2nd round, US Open constitute as disrespectful? I was there and would have to say yes. Truly f ing appalling. Toilets were on the 7th too!

Twitter Web Client : Tim Reynolds In your "Balance of Power" article, obviously its appropriate to mention the Clips, Lakers, Phila, Brooklyn... but you're going to mention Dallas and Atlanta, and NOT mention the up and coming Sac Kings?? Really?? Might want to do some more homework Tim...

Twitter Web Client : Christopher C. Cuomo) 's Twitter Profile">Christopher C. Cuomo Christopher C. Cuomo) 's Twitter Profile">Christopher C. Cuomo the answer is simple. People feel powerless. Its become Teflon Trump. We figure, if he can't be indicted for obstruction with ample hard evidence, how could he be in trouble even if Carroll is telling the truth?? Esp considering statute of limitations.

Twitter Web Client : Christopher C. Cuomo Strong and dangerous you said. I agree, which is why although I normally agree with you, I must agree with Don Lemon tonight when comparing Hitler. Not too different. Not only does Trump praise other murderous dictators like Jong Un, but blood is on his hands in his border camps.