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iPhone : Whatever you choose, you ride your next round tomorrow at 3 PM PT! #TheTrainersApprentice

Will you go clear again? Will the parasol lady stay under control? And what’s Fortissimo up to during all this downtime?

iPhone : After making a lap of the property, you check to see how much longer you have.

Looks like about ten more minutes until you’re on deck for your second round. How do you want to spend them?

iPhone : As you walk, you go over your second course in your head. This one will call for more lead changes and more suppleness than the first...

It’s definitely more of a challenge, which is nice because it might mean a smaller jump off. As long as you get there, of course...

iPhone : You decide a nice walk around the perimeter will be plenty of warmup. It hasn’t been all that long since your last class.

After showing Kahlua his red ribbon, you set off for that nice stroll. You pass the warmup ring, and catch sight of Kris riding out the gate.

iPhone : Kris gets on Ambrosia. “Don’t worry about watching this class,” she says. “You need to get ready for your next ride.”

You nod your agreement and head back to the barn. Kahlua has cleaned up his mash and licked the pan.

“Ready to go again, buddy?” you croon as you halter him.

iPhone : You pop Ambrosia over some low fences in the warmup arena. She’s responsive and practically push-button, but you saw those antics on the line... you ride defensively, careful not to trust her too much.

After a couple of jumps, you see Kris approaching, ready to take over.

iPhone : Longeing seems like a pretty good idea. She confirms this for you by throwing a few spectacular bucks on the line....

You don’t want to make the same mistake twice and wear her out before she shows, so once Ambrosia is going nicely both directions you decide to get on.

iPhone : Great. Is she coming into heat? Or just woke up on the wrong side of the stall?

You don’t know her well, but Kris called her “one of those ‘when they’re on they’re on, when they’re not, hold on’” horses.

She has quite the show record, but apparently also some, uh, personality.

iPhone : You head back to the show stalls... as much as you’d like to hear more about what, exactly, the two women are “dosing,” you’d prefer not to ruin Kris’s next class.

Ambrosia greets you with pinned ears. When you pull her out of the stall to groom her, she’s clearly distracted.

iPhone : The stranger nods. “Long.... nice weather.”

They still haven’t seen you... you creep a little closer.

“...Germany, in 2014.... Doing very well, in the... stages. Testing various... dose,” says Mrs. Moore.

In the ring, Kris has made the jump-off. Your schedule’s getting tight.

iPhone : While Kris jumps into the final combination, still clean, you try to look casual as you walk to the rail.

Positioning yourself a few feet from the two women, you prick your ears and listen in. They’re speaking quietly..

“Glad... could... in town,” Mrs. Moore says. “...flight?”

iPhone : Kris continues jumping clean and smooth. She’s keeping Firenze quite collected—he’s so big he doesn’t need speed to jump this height.

As you watch, the woman speaks to the show volunteer, puts her parasol away, and makes her way down to the rail, where she greets... Mrs. Moore?

iPhone : You locate the ring steward by the out gate, helping a Junior with her stirrups.

“Sorry to interrupt,” you say, “But there’s a spectator about to open a parasol right... there!”

The Steward barks into her walkie-talkie. Seconds later, a volunteer appears next to the spectator.

iPhone : As Kris comes down the first line, you spot something that makes you nervous.

There’s a spectator on the other side of the arena fidgeting with a closed sun parasol. She must not be a horse person... if she opens that thing while Firenze is looking, he could be spooked.

iPhone : #TheTrainersApprentice is back for the next hour and I am officially accepting donations of photos of chestnut jumpers, apparently nobody photographs the red guys?!?!?!…

iPhone : Kris’s round begins. You study the way she handles spunky Firenze, the way she stays calm and centered no matter how wiggly the colt gets.

These jumps are nothing to her, but showing is still a big mental challenge to Firenze.

You can see Kris breathing deeply to steady him.

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I can personally vouch that Brian's advice for fellowship essays and interviews is KILLER, if that's a thing you're doing!

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