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iPhone : Shoutout to Oscar for punishing me for switching to Kaiser by denying all my claims for covered, preventive care incurred during my final month of coverage.

They know their contract of coverage requires them to pay. They’re literally just being dicks.

iPhone : And I very much wish showrunners were NOT worked to the point of exhaustion, creatives getting to work healthy hours would be better than getting to admire them for handling it, but it is what it is right now & I am SO grateful they still find time to mentor.

iPhone : The more I learn about how genuinely BUSY LIKE REALLY SUPER BUSY showrunners are, the more intensely grateful I am for the friends & mentors who’ve taken time to read and offer advice.

The showrunner LOML (not on Twitter) has a schedule that blew my mind and I come from tech.

Twitter Web App : I don't even watch basketball, but there's just something about LeBron James that makes me want to be my best self and flex on everybody.

Like even catching a half-second promo clip of him on the gym TV. Body language of a freakin' GOD.