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iPhone : This case is a great opportunity for the Supreme Court to lose all credibility by ruling in favor of Donald J. Trump concealing his tax returns.
That would be even worse than Justice Kavanaugh showing up for oral argument with a six pack.…

iPhone : “She (Beyoncé) produces her own vocals. She doesn’t need a vocal producer.”

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Android : Soo Clinton didnt mention Tulsi Gabbard by name, but then the Congresswoman releases this demand note. Indicating that she IS in fact who Hillary was referring to.

Tulsi just told on herself and I am living. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #tulsiisarussianasset…

Twitter Web App : Agency-owned production companies aren’t good for writers, aren’t good for our industry, and hey guess what - they might prove to be not such a hot idea for agencies, either. And to think: this is only one part of what we took action over. 4 minutes to total clarity. Great work.…

Twitter Web App : Happy #VeteransDay! Take time today to thank veterans in your life for their service. We all owe them a debt of gratitude.

#CoLeg #CoPolitics

iPhone : Still looking to help a veteran who could use $100-worth of free notes.

If you might know someone who could use this, please RT or share, I would love to give back in some way. #VeteransDay #screenwriting…

iPhone : Honestly, most of my favorite films of the decade weren’t big blockbuster hits, but the small, poignant, day-in-the-life stories. The ones that catch you off guard and carry you on a wave of emotions. The ones that make you feel like the world’s a little less massive.

iPhone : Shout out tonight to every amazing person in my network who just does the work. Everyone who is effective in their jobs. Everyone who is self aware and humble and does whats good and right. I see yall and thats why I choose you.

iPhone : Apple Support I appreciate Apple’s newly found enthusiasm for user privacy, but when I give an app “Always” location permission, you don’t need to ask me again every few days. Super frustrating.

iPhone : Robin Fusco It was awesome! So bringing the kids next time.

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iPhone : The Big Short is streaming on channel 54 of Pluto TV right now. God that movie is never not perfect no matter where you come in.

iPhone : I’m ready. I’m grateful to have the career that I do, that allows me so much flexibility but... it’s time. Regardless of the cost

Twitter Web App : I find it really useful sometimes to draw up a d&d character sheet for who I would ideally be in a situation and more or less perform to it til its natural, Im comfortable, or it is no longer necessary. It kinda eliminates the goTo 10 when you panic, & makes it a game…

Facebook : This Week. Nov 15th Friday. Come see whats on the menu. Babas Pop Up X Project Africa LA :Unity Babas Vegan Cafe POp Ups and More...…

iPhone : When our kids are grown up, we want them to look back upon an education system that prepared them for the future at every step. Lets make sure thats the case. Vote #YesOnPropCC to give our kids the tools they need today to succeed in tomorrows Colorado.

Twitter Web App : This weekend, the #TechtoProtect events helped source tech to protect our #FirstResponders. This couldnt be more timely as wildfires impact our west coast. Honored to volunteer and help select the winners. Thank you SecondMuse!…

iPhone : Jenny Please unfollow me as I will always promote her. I am very proud of Chrissy. She has worked really hard on her website & it gives her immense joy to make people happy. I’m so grateful I have the platform to promote her stuff, it’s the least I can do after all she has done for me

Twitter Web App : Ive felt helpless about a lot lately. A good man is attempting to run against McConnell. Consider supporting him? Charles Booker is the real deal. I donated today-- please consider doing the same:…

iPhone : Dontae Mears Same. It’s close to the top of my list for best movie of the year right now but I’m just starting my trek to see all of the Oscar contenders. Still have a few to go.

iPhone : When your agency owns a studio, opportunities coming from other studios are their competition. Can you trust them to give you a complete picture of the job market and demand for your work? Watch the full video: #ClientsOverConflicts

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Android : Grammy award winning artist, philanthropist and activist COMMON teams up with Representative Herod to remind Coloradans to vote—even those on parole.

RT and RETURN your ballot in today! #govotecolorado #vote #common #felonyvoting #parolevoting ACLU of Colorado Christian Rivarola #coleg

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iPhone : Yep. Also I had a breast reduction when I was 20 and sometimes I get Botox in my forehead. I wear concealer too! I took my hair extensions out recently but I might put them back in.

Where should I send your prize?…

iPhone : Perfect description of the sin known as raisins.…

iPhone : Skip to :40 if you want absolute proof that wearing glasses doesn’t make anyone think you’re smart (and stay for Tucker’s idiotic murmuring)…

iPhone : I would be happy to have this in every tech company adjacent coffeeshop, but the password would be “the first 10 digits of the answer” because whatever, this is why we need the humanities.…

Android : Heres the thing about inclusion and diversity. Its not pc culture, its certainly not charity, and no, it is not some burdensome requirement that punishes white men. Its opening up the narrow stories of the past. Its adding depth of experience. (1/3)

iPhone : When you live far from family it’s key to build a community where you are, especially for holidays or emergencies etc

Twitter Web App : PhD project working with me at the University of Cambridge on the importance of pollinators in wildlife conservation. In partnership with Fauna & Flora Int.; fieldwork in Liberias Sapo National Park. Contact me if youre interested

Twitter Web App : If youd hear why my winter storm prep today turned out to be a disaster, join me on #Twitch right now. Ill be chatting as I play #WorldOfWarcraft & listening to laid back instrumental tunes. ❄️❄️❄️

Android : BREAKING: The House just voted to condemn President Trump and his administration for withholding the whistleblower complaint from Congress.

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Tweetbot for iΟS : Kingfisher & Wombat My favourite day! (Well that & D&D day, if Nameless sheep day is ever a Sunday evening I’ll probably faint with joy)

Twitter Web App : Eavesdropping on your neighbor interviewing contractors for his massive addition is like listening to the ticktock of the Doomsday Clock.

iPhone : all right folks, im about to post a thread thats going to endanger the last reliable source of income i have. spoiler: its yet another example of a gig economy startup brazenly mistreating its workers. lets go!

iPhone : Maturity is crying for stupid reasons, acknowledging that you’re crying for stupid reasons, pausing the crying to mark down the PMS on your period tracker app, drinking a glass of water so you stay hydrated, and then crying some more.