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Twitter Web App : Just learned I'm 4 years older than Princess Diana was when she died. That is all.

Twitter Web App : Evictions decreased in states that expanded #Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act but increased in nonexpansion states. Health insurance helps poor people stay in their homes. AJPH

Twitter Web App : Just complained to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau that I have not been able to enroll my Citi CC into auto pay for ~2 weeks, increasing the chance of a missed payment. I'd like to point out that there would be no without Elizabeth Warren, who conceived of it.

Twitter Web App : 33% of US adults say fear of mass shootings prevents them from going to certain places or events, per a nationally representative survey by the American Psychological Association. American Psychological Association

Twitter Web App : For my latest JAMA #podcast, I interviewed the neuroscientist running the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study, which will follow ~12000 kids for a decade. NIDAnews

iPhone : The U.S. FDA may approve the first #peanut desensitization product. For many with the allergy, the treatments actually increase reactions. LT benefits unknown. We asked the experts: Is oral immunotherapy worth the risks? #PeanutAllergy from Jen Abbasi

Twitter Web App : "The Senate today, after years of abusing an arcane procedural rule known as the filibuster, has become an unworkable legislative graveyard." -Harry Reid

Twitter Web App : This is the reality check about guns I'm afraid we all need.

Twitter Web App : #Medicare to cover CAR T-cell #cancer therapies, including some off-label uses.

Twitter Web App : The Risks and Rewards of Peanut Oral Immunotherapy...” increasing numbers of individuals with peanut allergies.. will have to decide whether the potential benefits of treatment are worth the risk of more reactions...”…

iPhone : Reading - really reading - Toni Morrison’s books was one of the joys of studying literature. This is a loss.

Twitter Web App : The U.S. FDA is expected to rule on the first peanut desensitization product this year. But for many, such treatments *increase* allergic reactions. In my latest for JAMA I looked at the risks + rewards of oral immunotherapy for peanut allergies.

Twitter Web App : How is it that we put a man on the moon 50 years ago but we still don't have electronic health records that speak to each other?