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Android : My exhibition, #AsNotFor is coming to A/D/O by MINI #Brooklyn #Williamsburg this Fall. Come celebrate and learn more about 20th century African-American graphic designers. RSVP at the link below for the Sept. 9 opening, or just swing through to check out the show.…

Android : Remember that time when Warren sent Puzder (author of this op-ed) a 35-page list of accusatory questions and then he withdrew his nomination for Labor Secretary before the hearing?…

Android : Hey guys remember the one about the only black woman in the writers room on Friends who had to listen as the writers told graphic jokes about joey raping rachel and when she sued for sexual harassment she was blackballed from the industry…

Android : God bless TikTok

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Android : Also proposed: Face with Open Eyes and Hand Over Mouth emoji because Apple implements Smiling Face with Smiling Eyes and Hand Covering Mouth 🤭 with open eyes…

Android : Proposal for Face with X Eyes emoji (…) in order to try to sort out the chaos created by incompatible vendor implementations of the existing Dizzy Face 😵 emoji.

Android : Linguistics twitter. What’s the best article for introducing students to semiotics? And also semiotics in signed languages?

Android : Introducing our new weekly #DeafAtWork series! Meet Yan! Can you imagine playing a numbers game while working? Well, Yan does because shes in accounting! #DeafAtWork

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Android : Pick up truck. Hook. Ladder. Screwdriver. Bucket. Many of next years emoji candidates look like something your contractor might txt u if u were remodeling part of ur house I guess but there is one Im really looking forward to: ANATOMICAL HEART. Its gonna make a great new emoji

Android : I am alarmed at how few people are talking about the most important case directly addressing LGBTQ people ever to reach the United States Supreme Court - set to be argued on October 8. Did you even know it was happening?

Android : This zombie snail. A parasitic worm Leucochloridium has taken over its motor functions and eye stalks, making them into caterpillar mimics so birds will eat them. The worm can then reproduce in the birds GI tract, eventually transmitting via its faeces 🤯…

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Android : The #1619Project published online today and it is my profound hope that we will reframe for our readers the way we understand our nation, the legacy of slavery, and most importantly, the unparalleled role black people have played in this democracy.…