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Bio Designer Advocate at Mozilla. Member of CSS Working Group. Teaching you how CSS Grid changes everything web graphic design.
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iPhone : Oh look, there it is.

I think we have 16 videos in the can now.

#cheapasstvstudio #gh4baby #yumiMacPro #LEDwhat? #4kallthethings #mozilladeveloper

iPhone : We’ve been shooting all week in a house about a half mile from where I live. Gosh, my apartment looks empty in places, I hauled so much equipment to the shoot.

iPhone : '
⭐️ Wanted! ⭐️

Social Media Specialist for our tech channels! (EU/UK)

👇 👇 👇 👇 👇…

Twitter Web App : Scott Jehl We've implemented the performance-enhancing piece in Firefox, to test and experiment....…

The CSS feature that web developer would use is still in-progress.

Twitter for iPad : In development in Firefox Nightly 🔥: a feature to list how many trackers were blocked over time with Enhanced Tracking Protection. Navigate to about:protections

As a side-effect, it shows I mostly dont use my work computer over the weekend.

Twitter for iPad : All I can hope is that people who create toxic environments learn from their mistakes.

Hiring diverse folks isn't enough. If you don't create an inclusive culture, your workers will stagnate and become depressed.

Be intentional about the spaces you design.

Twitter for iPad : Learned a lot about subgrid behaviour while writing this entry 🤓
If you want to play around with it at this point, Firefox supports subgrid from 69 onwards 🦊🎉🙆‍♀️
#css #layout…

Twitter for iPad : OooOOoo the ::marker pseudo-element, where have you been all my CSS life? 😄

Twitter for iPad : Brothers Abdoulaye and Ibrahima Barry created the first-ever alphabet for Fula, the language of the Fulani people. It’s been adopted around the world and is now available within Windows and Office, thanks to a cross-company effort. Read all about it.

iPhone : Matsuko Yes. There are not new keywords, but the ones that work in border also work on underlines. I think they always have. Or at least that part’s not new. Thickness and offset will breathe new life into them.