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iPhone : Intellectual Glutton 🌈✨💞 Funny thing is, a dislike helps your video in the YouTube search/recommendation algorithm — because it’s seen as activity. Doesn’t help as much as a like, but it helps more than neither/no feedback. So, joke’s on the hater. They’re helping you be seen.

iPhone : Ok, Internet. Time to learn the difference between concentration camps and death (“extermination”) camps.

Germany started with concentration camps in 1933.

Death camps started in 1941.

Never again is now.…

iPhone : We need to make fighting for these immigrants the priority.

Human life and safety is at stake.

The answer to “what would you have done if you were a German in the late 1930s?” is yours to answer.

This is not a time for business as usual.

Never. Again. Is. Now.

iPhone : "The more authoritarian the regime is, and the more people allow governments to get away with doing this sort of thing politically, the worse the conditions are likely to get," Hyslop says. "So, a lot of it depends on how much pushback there is. “

How much pushback.

iPhone : “the longer you establish this sort of extralegal, extrajudicial, somewhat-invisible no-man's land, the more you allow potentially a culture of abuse to develop within that place. Because the people who tend to become more violent, more prejudiced, whatever, have more & more +

iPhone : "There's usually this crisis period that a camp system either survives or doesn't in the first 3 or 4 years. If it goes past that length of time, they tend to continue for a really long time. And I think we have entered that crisis period. I don't yet know if we're out of it."

iPhone : This was at Paso del Norte, a facility near El Paso, which has a stated capacity of 125 detainees. But when DHS inspectors visited, it was holding 900. For a period, Border Patrol tried housing migrants in cage under a nearby bridge. It was ultimately scrapped amid public outcry”

iPhone : “We have what I would call a concentration camp system... a mass detention of civilians without trial.”
24 people *that we know of* have died under ICE under Trump so far, plus 6 children in other agencies since September.

THREAD. Important. 1/x…

iPhone : Fathers can be caring parents, but they are also men. Studies show majority of men in U.S. think sexism is a thing of the past. Men are also far less likely to believe women/girls’ stories of harassment or assault. If your daughter is angry and you “don’t know why” consider this.…

iPhone : Look at what just arrived.

You can get your own at…

Made by Dave Cramer a CSSWG member, who made this mug graphic with CSS, and who’s working on making it possible to write this in code for real, maybe it’ll be `overflow: fragment;`

iPhone : Well, this is horrible. Just went through my phone and deleted a few dozen apps. You know, all those one you think you might use, but never do. Especially corporate apps, random apps that are likely built with a 3rd party SDK. Bubye. I’ll use their website if I need.…

iPhone : Mandy Michael Firefox DevTools Yeah that’s what I meant, the Getting Satrted page (not your demos; it’s clear in the demos). Folks could misunderstand and think to get started with VFs, you should use all that JS. It’s early days, still. Most people have no idea yet how to use them.

iPhone : So many awesome plans.

I know we are jitter and jaded by past politicians who promised plans but then, well… didn’t do them.

Warren was a college professor. Let’s think of these documents as a syllabus. Her syllabus for a class she wants us to take.

I’ll do this homework.…