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Twitter Media Studio : A General Election triggered by the Tory Brexit crisis puts our country at a crossroads, a once-in-a-generation chance for a real change of direction.

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Twitter Web App : Ive written to the Icelandic PM Katrín Jakobsdóttir to offer my support for her efforts to win backing for a declaration of a climate emergency, including at next weeks Nordic Council meeting.

We have the chance to act before it’s too late. Its our historic duty to take it.

Twitter Web App : Me on #Ridge, re Jeremy Corbyn & The Labour Party plans to revive high streets. “We’re giving power to councils, to take properties left for 12 months into mgmt’. New start ups, charities & not for profit orgs could use those properties & for somewhere like Consett, that’d be brilliant”

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Android : Passing through Tamworth on the way home after an eventful few days, starting in Machynlleth in Mid Wales and ending in Bolton.

An absolute priority of my government will be ensuring economic development doesnt just happen in London, but across the regions and nations of the UK

Twitter Web App : On #Ridge earlier I explained why MPs must get behind Jeremy Corbyn & The Labour Party to stop no deal Brexit. “Our political & moral imperative is to stop no deal Brexit. Boris Johnson is willing to allow that to happen as he & people he reps are completely shielded, from the effects”.

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Twitter Media Studio : 10% of town centre shops lie empty - its time to revitalise our high streets.

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Twitter Web App : We have to stop big money running our politics.

Labour will ban donations to political parties from anyone not registered to pay tax in the UK.

If you don't want to contribute to our public services, you shouldn't be able to influence our democracy.…

Twitter Web App : Labour will take the radical steps necessary to protect the environment and provide hope, jobs and opportunity to every part of our country.

Android : I send my solidarity to Owen Jones and his friends who were attacked last night.

Owen believes it was politically motivated, and we know the far right is on the march in our country.

An attack on a journalist is an attack on free speech and our fundamental values.

Android : Bolton has turned empty shops into spaces for brilliant community projects - such as a table tennis club, music lessons, and a coding school.

In government well give local councils the power to take over empty shops to breathe new life into our high streets.

Twitter Media Studio : Labour will take the radical steps necessary to protect the environment and provide hope, jobs and opportunity to every part of our country.

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Twitter Web App : Sending my solidarity to the striking health visitors in Lincoln today.

Labour will always stand up for all our health workers, and ensure that they get the support they deserve.

Android : One in 10 high street shops now lie empty - a symptom of economic decay under the Conservatives.

We'll give local authorities the power to hand over vacant shops to projects that benefit the local community.…

Android : This is brilliant news for Somer and Areeb, two wonderful young brothers I met last year alongside @JeremyCorbyn. This is not just a victory for them and their family, this is a victory against the Tories’ hostile environment.

Twitter Web App : As Boris Johnson is busy dividing, Labour is proudly uniting people. #LabourRoots is about coming together in our communities.

Im bringing people together to talk about fighting racism, before going to The Labour Partys huge people-powered rally.

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This BBC article reveals some factors which determine how well you're paid.

But it misses a key one: joining a union.

So here's six reasons why you should join a union:

Twitter Web App : 200 years ago today 18 people were killed and hundreds injured as they protested for the representation of working people.

The Massacre at Peterloo sowed the seeds for universal suffrage and the trade union movement.

Today we remember those brave protesters.


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Twitter Web App : I first visited the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales in the 1970s, and I'm back today.

Wales is central to our plans to kickstart a Green Industrial Revolution to tackle the climate crisis and create over 400,000 green, sustainable jobs.…