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Twitter Web Client : Moving contributions by @AngelaEagle and other Labour MPs in Commons on LGBT+ inclusive education. Angela is absolutely right. We got rid of the nasty and dangerous section 28 brought in by the Tories. We must not go back to those days. Schools need to support LGBT+ young people.

TweetDeck : It's appalling that we've lost nearly a third of the detectives who investigate serious crime.

You cannot keep communities safe on the cheap.…

Twitter Web Client : It beggars belief, Iain Duncan Smith the proud Tory Architect of the vicious attack on the sick & disabled has been appointed as Boris Johnson campaign chief!

So...Tax cuts for the rich,
defending the bankers and now this...

We’ve every right to be concerned.

TweetDeck : We shouldn't punish young people for campaigning for a better world - we should be thanking them. Well done Ellie, Tyler and Isobel. You're a great example to your fellow students, and to all of us.…

Twitter Media Studio : Lets put our resources in the most important and valuable place possible: our schools.

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Twitter Web Client : Our top professions are a closed club, dominated by a wealthy and privileged elite who attended the same private schools.

Labour will give every child the chance to flourish and radically transform society - to break the cycle of entrenched privilege.…

Twitter Web Client : On #DayoftheSeafarer I’m thinking of my dear dad, Ken and his close pal ⁦John Prescott⁩ who isn’t well at the moment. Both great NUS comrades who fought for better conditions for seafarers. Solidarity with our ⁦RMT⁩ comrades especially those in the #RFA dispute.

Android : It was a pleasure and an honour to meet Richard Ratcliffe outside the Iranian embassy.

I was moved by his strength, optimism and determination in the face of injustice, and his campaign for the freedom of his wife Nazanin.


Android : Delighted to join @BillyBragg as he launches his new book The Three Dimensions of Freedom. A fascinating read and hes right to say real freedom is only possible with liberty, equality, and accountability.

Twitter Web Client : Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic pollution find their way into our oceans - killing animals and destroying habitats.

That's why I've just pledged to back Greenpeace UK's calls for a strong and meaningful Environment Bill. #PlasticFreeRivers

Android : In government, we will harness the full might of the Treasury to tackle climate change. #GreenIndustrialRevolution

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Twitter Web Client : Boris Johnson only stands up for the privileged few. First it was a tax cut to benefit the richest. Now hes the greatest defender of the bankers who crashed the economy.

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Twitter Web Client : My thoughts are with my good friend @JohnPrescott and his family and friends at this difficult time. I hope he makes a full and speedy recovery. Id like to thank the paramedics and hard-working staff at Hull Royal Infirmary. We know John loves our NHS and today the NHS loves him

Twitter Web Client : Austerity has caused insecurity across the country in people's housing, employment and access to public services, like healthcare.

Of course it has affected people's mental health. We must end austerity and start investing in people and communities.…

Twitter Web Client : Tory cuts to our schools mean that parents are being forced to go to court to get their children the education that is theirs by right.

This is happening in one of the wealthiest countries in the world.…

Twitter Web Client : 📺 WATCH: I was interviewed by Ridge on Sunday on the Tory Leadership contest. Here’s why I think Johnson is thoroughly unsuitable to be our PM.

To be fair, there’s not much of a choice between him and Hunt. The man who broke the NHS vs the man who’d happily sell it to Trump.

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Twitter Media Studio : The history of Windrush you didnt know about.


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Android : Education is not about personal advancement - its a collective good that benefits our whole society.

Labours National Education Service will invest in people so they can flourish and help create a fairer, more equal society. #SchoolCuts