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Android : MoDy 🇹🇳 لا ساحلي لا شيء. نحن توانسة كلنا لا فرق. انا أشجع الترجي كفريق ولكن لا أحب التعصب الكروي لانه يسبب التفرقة بين الشعب الواحد.

Android : المير طلال ارسلان
١٣ آذار ٢٠١٦:
حتى البحصة سنفلّيها في مكب الكوستا برافا

iPhone : Summer in #Québec 🇲🇶💙

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Instagram : Throughout the year it stands like an umbrella covering the mountains of Lebanon 🇱🇧 pine trees of 🇱🇧
#lebanon #trees #pinetrees #summertime #summer #travel #mountains #nature #naturelover #naturephotography……

iPhone : يبدو ان الفنانة اليسا Elissa تتوجه نحو الاعتزال، بعد التغريدة ادناه والتي اعلنت فيها ان البومها المقبل سيكون الاخير، لانها غير قادرة على الاستمرار بالعمل في ما يشبه جو المافيات…

TweetDeck : A General Election triggered by the Tory Brexit crisis puts our country at a crossroads, a once-in-a-generation chance for a real change of direction.

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iPhone : هم #الرأيس_بوتين الأول
أضحى، رفع #العقوبات_الإقتصادية
التي أنهكت #روسيا
وأغضبت حفنة شركائه،
وشركاء #ميدفيدف من أثرياء
محاصصة ثروة جُمعت او تكونت، من أشلاء #الإتحاد_السوفياتي
فور سقوطه!
#روسيا تواجه مع #ترامب
ما واجه الإتحاد السوفياتي
مع #ريغان من سباق تسلح،
تعجز عنه دول المعمورة!…

iPhone : حكيم، عن حد فاجأتني. عم تقروا صح!!!!!! بس المشكلة انو هالقراءة ما رح تخليكن توصلوا لاستنتاجات صح. اخدت معكم ١٤ سنة لتقروا جزئية من هالنوع صح، انشاالله ما تاخد معكم ١٤ سنة تانيين لتوصلوا لاستنتاجات صح. ناطريكن ب٢٠٣٣ اذا ضلينا طيبين. قول الله.
Fares Souaid…

Twitter Web App : The Mayor of London visited us this morning at Future Youth Zone! Engaging in some activities with the young people, had many conversations with our Members at Future and Zak, Head of Youth Work to find out more about what we are providing the young people of Barking and Dagenham

Twitter Web App : ✨ The #TWT19 programme is now LIVE ✨

This is our biggest, most participatory festival yet. 🙌

Be part of building a world for the many. Get your ticket now at

iPhone : Well that was a privilege - talking to Arundhati Roy about her novels and essays, winning the Booker prize, India, Kashmir, identity and the importance of standing up for the world we want to live in. What an inspiration.…

Twitter Web App : There will be no change for EU citizens already lawfully resident in the UK. These EU citizens will automatically be granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK and will be treated no less favourably than they are at present. -Johnson, Gove & Patel 01/06/19

Never trust Tories

Twitter Web App : As our country enters into a crisis like never before, we are retreating into a new kind of tribalism. So pleased that I am finally in the last stages of writing my book this summer, Tribes.

Twitter Web App : US corporate leaders look beyond shareholder value, calling for business to take into account their workers, customers, and communities.

This is a great step forward, and we need more businesses to do this.…

iPhone : Watch Tom Watsons incredible speech at the Power to the People rally in Central Hong Kong tonight, met with applause from 60,000+ peaceful protesters #StandwithHK…

Android : We will do everything necessary to stop a disastrous no-deal, for which this government has no mandate

Jeremy Corbyn says the Conservatives are driving the country to a no-deal cliff edge

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iPhone : 1/2 New rules have been issued for Nazanin’s ward restricting children visits to only once a month as part of the wider family visit & preventing international calls. This means Gabriella can now only see Nazanin once a month & Nazanin can no longer speak to Richard #FreeNazanin

iPhone : My letter to Michael Gove putting questions to him about the leaked Operation Yellowhammer Report on No Deal Brexit contingency planning. Given the urgency of all this, I have asked him to give evidence to the Brexit Select Committee in the first week Parliament returns.

Hootsuite Inc. : We now see desperate attempts to wriggle out of the trap that’s been set and that they’ve drifted into.

Pretty spot on analysis of the state of the Lib Dems right now.…

Twitter Web App : REVEALED: The head of the National Union of Journalists has called on the police to do more to protect journalists + camera crews from far-right attacks.

Its no secret far-right activists are becoming more emboldened in their attacks.

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Twitter Web App : Essential listening: new #podcast episode with veteran environmental campaigner, and politician @carolinelucas –wide ranging discussion assessing current UK green policies and the #GreenNewDeal in the UK. The Green Party

iPhone : Chilling in the letter to Donald Tusk PM says Environmental, Product and Labour Standards will diverge from those of the EU. The PM&his hard right cronies in the Tory party have been after lowering Environmental and Workers rights as they see them as a burden on corporations

Twitter for iPad : On BBC Radio 4 Today Diane Abbott admits Jeremy Corbyn’s #Brexit strategy is to “keep both wings of the party together” & #Corbyn will “follow” the party. Heaven help us. We need an effective opposition with a leader who puts the country’s interest first & that’s not #Labour

iPhone : I have written to Donald Tusk about key aspects of the UK’s approach to Brexit, problems with the “backstop” & the Government’s commitment to the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement whether there is a deal with the EU or not.…

Twitter Web App : The Future Youth Zone is an incredible service for Barking & Dagenham’s young people – a safe space to learn, find mentors and build a community. I’m excited to see this new Youth Zone emulate the successes of others around the country.

iPhone : £66bn - that’s how much more the North should have got in the last ten years if funding was fair, according to this IPPR North report. Instead we’ve still got rubbish trains, delays, cancellations, and the mess that is Northern Rail.…

iPhone : Salford comes #2 on this list, right after Liverpool. The article gives a small glimpse of how some things are changing in our city, and how many areas of Salford are seeing more nightlife, more employment and more business opportunities than a decade ago…

Twitter Web App : We will do everything necessary to stop a disastrous no-deal, for which this government has no mandate

Jeremy Corbyn says the Conservatives are driving the country to a no-deal cliff edge

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Twitter Web App : Jo Swinson That is a provable lie. During the EU Referendum Campaign 7 May-22 June 2016, Corbyn, over 46 days, campaigned as follows:

• Traveled 5851km
• Spoke at 15 rallies
• Sent 100 Remain Tweets
• Achieved 33,760 retweets
• Received media exposure 120 times

You however did this:

Twitter Web App : Come & work for my team! I’m recruiting a P/T (2 days per week) Constituency Support Officer, who’ll be based in my v busy office in Consett. Closing date for apps is Fri 23 Aug, full details👇🏻…

iPhone : A phoney outsider: Corbyn attacks Johnson as he sets out election pitch

Labour leader likens ‘hard right’ PM to Trump and says he wants a no-deal Brexit ‘to create a tax haven for the super rich’…

iPhone : Councils are looking at a funding gap of £5.2 billion next year.

With the right resources, #CouncilsCan continue to make a difference.

Find out more 👉

iPhone : This is a good point. Much of the climate movement fails to engage with the labour movement, or even shuns elements of the working class as an unenlightened obstacle…

iPhone : The Tory plot to raise the pension age to 75 means that a lot of people will never even see their pensions - which they will have paid for - because they will be dead.

iPhone : Anthony had a fantastic meeting with Cat Smith yesterday in #fleetwood to discuss how the credit union can help our shared goal of supporting local people and our local area😄

iPhone : Rep. Ilhan Omar: The decision to ban me and my colleague, the first two Muslim-American women elected to Congress, is nothing less than an attempt by an ally of the United States to suppress our ability to do our jobs as elected officials.

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Android : Yesterday we raised the Pakistan flag at Brent Council and today Indias to celebrate both Independence Days. We are proud that local leaders with heritage from all countries can come together and stand side-by-side united. In Brent, we can show the way forward for the world

iPhone : When you consider that the last two Tory PMs were unelected, the attempt by right wingers to delegitimise Labour’s leader is laughable.…

TweetDeck : Last week, I met with the Working Win team that supports people in Sheffield to find and stay in work.

The Government should embrace the supportive approach taken by the Working Win team and end their punitive sanctions regime.…

iPhone : Fantastic turnout and ideas on the #GreenIndustrialRevolution roadshow here at Bolton Roots, speaking alongside Julie Hilling and the inspirational Tara Chowdhury. The time for change is now

iPhone : Victorian oaf Iain Duncan Smith’s plan to raise the pension age to 75 is utterly cruel. This is class warfare & the nation must rise up to fight it…

Twitter for iPad : When this has its biggest weekly drop in 7 years, you take notice…

#forex $FXE $UUP $TNX $GLD $FXE

Twitter Web Client : With its ill-advised policies in the Gulf, the Trump administration is not only encouraging a nuclear race in the region by allowing Saudi Arabia to acquire nuclear technology, but it is also undermining the international non-proliferation regime.

iPhone : Iranian court dashed hopes that the 10-year sentence for Aras Amiri could be reduced. The London-based Iranian citizen is accused of espionage. She works for the British Council on cultural exchange projects between Iran and UK.

My piece ⁦The Independent…

iPhone : Weve launched a new survey about the role of gambling at the match - it only takes two minutes and wed appreciated your input.

Take part here:

iPhone : I hold 7 Advice Bureaux a month across the constituency:

• Ryecroft Hall, Audenshaw
• Dukinfield Town Hall
• Denton Labour Club
• Denton West End Community Library
• Haughton Green Centre
• Reddish Library
• Stockport Labour Club

☎️ 0161 320 1504 to book an appointment.

iPhone : No10 response coming but fuller gvt source view:

“We have made reasonable proposal, the EU is not negotiating and instead spending its efforts trying to undermine proposals amongst the EU 27, the reality the backstop has to be removed or else it’s no deal.”

Tweetbot for iΟS : Seeing a lot of people jump on anti-vaxxers and Big Social as the causes of the resurgence of measles, but its not really the whole story - or even the main part of it.

Android : If Israel doesnt want members of the United States Congress to visit their country, maybe [Netanyahu] can respectfully decline the billions of dollars that we give to Israel


TweetDeck : Hey Boris! Hows that No Deal planning going?

* 4m children trained to scavenge in bins ☑️
* the sick culled by measles epidemic ☑️
* no pensions for the working class ☑️…

Twitter Web App : Jeremy is spot on here, he is the leader of the opposition and he should have the opportunity to take over should we win a vote of no confidence. Dont worry Jo Swinson - this wouldnt be to overturn the austerity you supported, that will come after the general election!

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iPhone : A sudden end to freedom of movement risks another Windrush scandal for millions of EU citizens who call the UK home – including 1 million Londoners. The Prime Minister and Home Secretary must reconsider this cruel policy.…

iPhone : unpopular opinion: Corbyn is the best immediate chance of getting a majority of MPs behind him for a GNU, but Swinson publicly attacking him & undermining him will actively alienate Tory rebels. a much better strategy would be to put on a united front with other party leaders.…

Twitter Web App : If Boris Johnson wants to be believed that the dire warnings in the leaked Operation Yellowhammer dossier don’t represent the true impact of No Deal, he must publish the most recent assessments today in full.…

iPhone : You know if the pensionsble age is pushed to 75 as Boris Johnson wants then the vast vast majority of people in constituencies like mine will never claim a hapenny. They’ll of sadly passed on.

This is cruel really....isn’t it ?

Twitter Web App : Get in JEZZA!!!!

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Twitter Web App : Peter Kennard has spent his 50-year career harnessing the language of photomontage to communicate with the public.

Join us for his exhibition and book launch at Foyles Bookshop with Futurecity / Launch *TONIGHT*, exhibition runs 20 August - 4 September 2019…

Twitter Web App : ⚠️🚨 WARNING🚨⚠️

This hard-right Tory Government is a danger to our rights at work.

Join us now to beat them, and win the transformative Labour Government that will change working peoples lives for the better.

We cant win without you! 🌹👇…

Echobox Social : Unesco urged to remove Belgian festival from heritage list over savage in blackface…

Android : •4,200,000 children in poverty
•13,000 homeless veterans
•350,000 children in destitution
•120,000 austerity linked dead
•1,583,668 Foodbank parcels
•131,000 homeless children

This year, the Tories handed out £24 BILLION worth of tax relief to oil & gas companies.

iPhone : In this week’s episode of Johnson’s Britain, Boris spaffs £6bn+ on a kamikaze No Deal Brexit, while kids are driven to eat toilet paper.…

Facebook : Marijuana Chewing Gum Relieves Fibromyalgia Pain…

Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.’ George Orwell, 1984

21 / cutie pie / dont let me fool u im merely just angry bees in the shape of a human

Android : Guardian journalist Owen Jones🌹 on his attack: I get headlines. Many minorities dont

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Android : 💬 That goal will remain in the memory for a long, long time - if not forever! - Arsène Wenger, March 2002

More than 17 years on, were still wondering just how Dennis Bergkamp managed to do this 🤯


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