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Twitter Web Client : The Horowitz/Wray hearing looks like it's close to wrapping, though two senators (Whitehouse/Kennedy) appear to be ready for a 2nd round. I count five senators who didn't show: Cruz, Flake, Tillis, Coons and Booker

Twitter Web Client : Blumenthal references Nunes comments over the weekend in which he says he was told about new Clinton emails in Sept 16. Nunes said he heard from a "whistleblower," while Blumenthal says it was an FBI leak

Twitter Web Client : Graham goes after the change in Comey statement about Clinton email handling from "gross negligence" to "extreme carelessness." What's the difference, Graham asks? "Not much," Horowitz replied

Twitter Web Client : While the inspector general report examined the Clinton investigation, it's actually the Mueller probe that's on trial at Senate today's hearing. More here…