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Bio Jerry Saltz: Senior Art Critic; New York Magazine. 2018 Pulitzer Prize in Criticism. 2015 ASME Award for Criticism. 2019 ASME Award.
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Twitter Web App : Road trip, anyone? Shop this + other handcrafted leather bags for men on Details here:

Twitter Web App : 🚨For the first time, Hubble has found water vapor in the atmosphere of a habitable-zone exoplanet.💦


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Sprout Social : The women weavers of the Bauhaus have inspired generations of textile artists:

Sprout Social : Number 10: An artist will be living In the Museum for nine days this month

...Its true! Catch Nikhil Chopra at The Met through September 20. #MetLiveArts…

Sprout Social : Season two of At the Museum brings you inside the busy, exciting project of a #newMoMA. On episode one, visitors bid farewell to the galleries while curators and exhibition designers map out the reinstallation of our new collection galleries. Watch:

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Buffer : Another arrest has been made in a high-profile forgery ring of Old Master paintings:

Twitter Web App : The third and final film program of the 2019 #WhitneyBiennial takes place this Friday at 7pm and Saturday at 4pm. Curated by Sky Hopinka, it gathers films that deal directly and indirectly with indigeneity. Tickets and more info at

CoSchedule : We are honored to offer The Collection of Richard L. Weisman in our upcoming major sales this fall in #NewYork. The collection includes a selection of paintings, drawings, works on paper and sculpture, including #AndyWarhols Athletes

Twitter Web App : 10 newcomers to Art Basel Miami Beach, from New York trendsetters to Tokyo heavyweights:

Hootsuite Inc. : Van Gogh loved walking. As a child, he took long walks alongside the fields and through woods from Zundert, the village where he was born. Where do you like walking the most? #VanGoghWanders Ready to find out more about Vincent’s love for nature?

TweetDeck : Jeff Koonss Bouquet of Tulips to open in Paris in October, the Americas Society names a new director, and more in todays ARTnews in Brief…

Hootsuite Inc. : Where the American public school system is failing children, non-profits are stepping in to fill the void, and one in particular has ambitious plans to become the largest free art school for children in the country ProjectArt

SocialFlow : #GagosianViewingRoom: The Frieze London Online Viewing Room, developed in collaboration with #SterlingRuby, will feature seven primary-market artworks from Rubys personal archive, paired with pertinent works by historical artists. Sign up now!

forumbot : News | Artwork by Daniel Buren Badly Damaged in Knife Attack at Centre Pompidou

Sprinklr Publishing : The latest exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts is revolutionary because of what it lacks: men.

Women Take the Floor aims to rewrite the art history narrative and shed light on the women who created rigorous work that went unseen.…

Art Observed News Feed : Charles Ray to Show Work Alongside Renaissance and Baroque Bronze Works…

Mailchimp : Nostalgia and Nightlife - what to see during Berlin Art Week, stories of love, art and exile during the cold war and more…

TweetDeck : The mind is the battleground for photography, says LaToya Ruby Frazier in our latest with artnet (

My mind was totally deceived and deluded...but now my images can change that.

A show of new work by the artist opens tomorrow at Renaissance Society.

Twitter Web App : Some musings on unfinished works and the theme of incompletion, inspired by seeing Klimt’s “Portrait of Amalie Zuckerkandl” at the Belvedere in Vienna (Charlie Brooker’s “Bandersnatch” also makes an appearance):… Belvedere Museum Charlie Brooker

Twitter Web Client : Masterpieces from LACMAs Islamic art collection are currently on loan to the Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Aramco) in Dharahn, about 45 miles down the road from the bombed Aramco refinery in Abqaiq

iPhone : .Printed Matter, Inc.s New York Art Book Fair is free and open to the public Sept 20–22 with over 170 exhibitors from 30 countries. #NYABF2019 kicks off on Thursday night with live performances and DJs at an opening night celebration. Tickets:

Twitter Web App : Lauren Berlant on a Cancer Memoir That Insists on the Commons of Suffering…

iPhone : Good morning, Twitter. 14th Secretary of the @Smithsonian here to hear from you and share my perspective as the leader of 19 museums, 21 libraries, the National Zoo, numerous research centers, and several education units and centers.

iPhone : RCN internet is practically useless after 8pm. Ever since upgrading (sic af) it just hangs like a bum on a stoop, doing absolutely nothing. The worst svc in our 16yrs with this busted joint

SocialFlow : Meet Erin and Alyssa Hengesbach, the twins that landed a campaign after Marc Jacobs slid into their DMs

SocialFlow : If you were a regular #DowntonAbbey viewer, you’ll likely feel satisfied by this motion picture experience. Jen Chaney writes

Android : Another look at V. Putin, the man who is attempting to tear societies apart to accomplish his strategy. He is bolder than he’s ever been, as few are countering his blatant actions.…

iPhone : The idea that a postal worker or a librarian, like the Vogels, might be able to collect in today’s art world seems almost laughable.

SocialFlow : Taylor Swift is joining #TheVoice as a Mega Mentor, the Alpha and Omega of all mentors

iPhone : mad tv rn

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iPhone : This is some detail Charlotte Alter: “Warren’s podium was built w/ wood salvaged from the [Frances] Perkins homestead, crafted by grassroots donor who owns an all-woman woodworking company & modeled after the soapboxes organizers would speak from during the early labor movement.”…

TweetDeck : apropos of nothing, feel free to download and play my dumb text adventure about what its like to be a journalist…

Twitter Web App : Japans equivalent of mother-and-baby screenings is called [at least per my Google Translated page]

iPhone : steve dalachinsky was beautiful.
and always supported his community.
he once got me into a sold out merzbow show because that’s the sort of place he he went looking for poetry—and whether he found it or made it, he always shared poetry.

Twitter Web App : hellloooo im still looking to talk to former student body presidents or other school leaders about what high school election campaigning is really like, for
@thecut. please email or DM if you know someone or have a story!!!

iPhone : On our edition: new interviews with Reichardt, cinematographer Peter Sillen, and author Jonathan Raymond; a new conversation between actors Daniel London and Will Oldham; an essay by Ed Halter; and more!

iPhone : Just saw a new poll of #KYSen from AARP:
Mitch McConnell: 47%
Me: 46%

Unlike McConnell, I’ll always stand up for everyday Kentuckians, not dirty special interests. Contribute now to help me defeat Mitch and defend democracy ⬇️…

Buffer : Were not telling people what to write. Were not telling them who they should quote. Were not telling them what their story is... All we know is that there are climate stories that you should be devoting more of your attention to.

Buffer : Turns out New York really is indicting Donald Trump on state charges…

Twitter Web App : ppl keep saying shane gillis was fired for jokes but idk i still cant figure out what the jokes are here. are they jokes because hes a comedian so everything he says is a joke? i honestly dont get it, but at the same time, obviously dont @ me

IFTTT : Recent Listening: Dave Douglas & Friends + Mary Lou Williams:

Dave Douglas is a trumpeter whose adherence to basic jazz values fully justifies the title of the new album he shares with pianist Uri Caine and drummer Andrew Cyrille in their unusual trio.…

Twitter Web App : Dem debate polling + what were learning from the GOP primary…

Twitter Web App : A spokesperson for Saturday Night Live says that Shane Gillis will not be joining its cast this fall.

iPhone : Imagine if Trump punched a farmer in the face;

...Then punched the farmers friends & family;

...Then kept punching them all for 27 months;

...Then stopped;

...Then told farmers to vote for him because he brought an end to all the punching.

Its like that, but with tariffs.

iPhone : MTA hiring 500 transit police to enforce “quality of life issues” nearly doubling current force. Rachael Fauss “This proposal to hire huge numbers of new MTA cops while basic subway and bus operations are being cut is a bad joke of government dysfunction, waste and cluelessness.

Twitter for iPad : HUEY WAS A STRAY, HE WAS INJURED, YET HE QUICKLY PLAYED WITH THE HUMANS. HE’LL DIE TOMORROW. Handsome two-year old, likes to play with other dogs, loves the human touch. Huey #73721 needs our pledges via Tom Jumbo-Grumbo for a Rescue/F/A. PLEASE RT HUEY!…

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Twitter Web App : So, you all religious beings, believe, there is a something somewhere, the God, watching over us. What, where and how or who Exactly is it? 😂…

Twitter Web App : JW announced a fed judge granted 7 additional depositions, 3 interrogatories & 4 doc requests related to Hillary Clinton’s use of an unauthorized email server. Clinton & lawyer Cheryl Mills were given 30 days to oppose being deposed by JW.

Android : With 2300 works by men and only 21 by women in the Patriarchal Palace of Painting aka #NationalGallery #London, we had to turn this gallery bench into a yoga studio just to help us cope with the shocking stats!
Trisha Greenhalgh

iPhone : حج مبرور وسعي مشكور لزملائنا و لجميع حجاج بيت الله الحرام


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iPhone : Note that even though media outlets are giving lip service of disappointment in the NYT failed smear attempt on Kavanaugh, they are running with the next phase of the operation -- story after story suggesting impeachment is in any way legitimate. The corruption is industry-wide.

iPhone : my cat and I just had a real lady & the tramp moment as he licked the condensation from the outside of a glass while I sipped from the straw. true romance 💘