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TweetDeck : Here are the direct MP3 download links for all five NBA season preview podcasts. 🎧

Pt. 1: bit.ly/2OVCZiW
Pt. 2: bit.ly/33Mmzh8
Pt. 3: bit.ly/2oDu4bi
Pt. 4: bit.ly/31mzq7S
Pt. 5: bit.ly/2pAzhkg

See you Sunday. 😮

TweetDeck : Seriously, I am not prepared to watch a Winslow-Herro-Waiters-Butler-Bam lineup. Someone might need to pre-screen Heat games for me.

TweetCaster for Android : Fashion giant #Dior, played My Motherland and Me, a famous Chinese patriotic song, on Saturday, during its show in #Shanghai. The move came after it used a Chinese map that didnt show the island of #Taiwan as part of China. bit.ly/2OWQYVM

Twitter Web App : Heres a nice Kevin Arnovitz story about Doc Rivers leaving the dinner table to ask the bartender for a napkin, to scribble plays for his dreamy new roster.

Conclusion: We dont need to reinvent anything.


iPhone : Tell me why youre right by recording a video and dropping it at the 🔗 below.

Your response could be featured in the 2019 NBC NBA Preview Show on Tuesday! 📅 #NBAtipoffNBC


iPhone : About to shop for an unlimited data family cell phone plan. Should be super fun! If anyone has great advice ...

TweetDeck : Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie confirms to NYT Sports that he has another meeting scheduled with the NBA on Monday -- on the eve of the regular season -- as he continues to seek league cooperation to tokenize his contract. The NBA, to date, has said Dinwiddies plan violates the CBA

iPhone : Twitter is great in that you can study something for 20 years and somebody with zero experience can try to ring you up with complete confidence that they most definitely have it right.

TweetDeck : Cheers to Rachel and the crew at The Jump for diving into our cover story on the Rockets: si.com/nba/2019/10/15… twitter.com/Rachel__Nichol…

Twitter Web App : Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to or share The Art of Sticking Around in the NBA. Id hoped it would resonate with non-basketball folks and make sense in a bunch of other contexts; the responses suggest it has, which is awesome. theringer.com/nba/2019/10/17…

iPhone : Bronny James turned 15 a couple of weeks ago 🤯

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Twitter Web App : #TBT to when we had extra students wanting to get in on our live-game broadcast opportunity at the last minute — so MarkJonesESPN came by to call the action with them.


iPhone : going to 7/11 high

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iPhone : So weird how every adult has a favorite stovetop burner and NO ONE talks about it. Haha.

And that dream everyone has where a pig in a sweater is pinching you saying “you’ll never escape my dream, EVEN when you wake up!” So weird, right?! And NO ONE talks about it? Lol

iPhone : Heres Kevin OConnor dishing the hard, stone cold sober truth about my Deeeeetroit Pistons (stuck in the dreaded middle) and Blake Griffin (the best time to quietly explore trading any player is when they still have value). theringer.com/nba-preview/20…

Twitter Web App : Scott Kacsmar Well, John Lennon would tell you Marvin Gaye was a better singer than Lennon was. It should be Aretha, Marvin and then ...

iPhone : The first of many dunks for Bronny at Sierra Canyon 😈

(via SLAM HS Hoops)

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TweetDeck : speaking from experience, I hope whoever was tasked with this automated it using ffmpeg or another commandline tool and didnt try to use a NLE

iPhone : He loses himself in the game and plays to win.

Nick Nurse doesnt think Siakams big extension will put any more undue pressure on his rising star.

That, plus OG defending four positions and more in my Raptors notebook:

iPhone : This is the “I know my linemate is going, and abooout where their guys are, it might work, the negative outcomes aren’t that terrible” Hail Mary. And a beauty at that. Drai’s backhand sauce is elite. twitter.com/mikekellynhl/s…

TweetDeck : Happy Sunday 💪🏾

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Twitter Web App : Korben Dallas its a completely different thing. Not a faithful recreation of the graphic novel series. Its wild and that was only the pilot!

iPhone : [Testing Cat-Human Translator]
Scientist: Cat, what is your name?
Owner: Its not working. His name is Socks.

Twitter Web App : Heres the rule? Wanna mock Mitt Romney for using Pierre Delecto? Fine. Go for it. No beef. But you cant then praise @realdonaldtrump—who not only hung fake Time covers in his clubhouses, but also disguised his voice and used the name John Barron as a fake publicist.

iPhone : What’s Bronny bounce going to be like when he’s a Senior👀😳

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Twitter Web App : These tornado scenes from Texas are wild, man. Hope all you Dallas peeps are staying safe.

Echofon : 💥 Stephen Curry closes out #WarriorsAllAccess!!

🏀: Clippers/@Warriors
🗓: Thursday 10/24
⏰: 10:30pm/et 📺: TNT

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Twitter Web App : What do you think the Toronto Raptors should use for their 2019 championship ring design? 💍🤔

Enter our /r/NBA Raptors Ring Design Challenge & create your own look: bit.ly/2MAoNdH

Hootsuite Inc. : The Player Linker is an easy-to-use, must-have tool for every blogger ow.ly/AzD630pIYvk ow.ly/1o0d30pIYvl

Twitter Web App : Tarik Cohen has heard it all and thinks your short jokes are played out larrybrownsports.com/football/tarik… #Bears100 Tarik Cohen

Twitter Web App : Zeke and the Cowboys arent worried about Coach Pederson one bit. 🔥 🤠 🏈 thesco.re/2VZyiGd

SocialFlow : This is what the Ravens drafted Lamar Jackson for: deadsp.in/hczbF3Q

SocialFlow : “The idea of a country publicly vowing to settle a score with a private businessperson who hasn’t broken any laws is unusual. Silver doesn’t represent the U.S. government,” Michael McCann writes go.si.com/L8HlrdM

iPhone : No Dunks going to miss hopping on YouTube after work this season and getting to see your show ! But still grateful the podcast will be there. Maybe you guys can livestream the podcast once in a while ????

iPhone : let this serve as motivation for all the kids out there: no dream is too big. you can do anything you want in this world, as long as Rich Paul is your agent. twitter.com/shaqtin/status…

iPhone : Sorry everybody. I know she probably wanted to stick up for herself, but punching back like this is exactly what I DONT want our President to do anymore. DONT ENGAGE WITH THE HATERS ON TWITTER. It doesn’t help you win, it makes you look like HIM. Move on with class and dignity🙏🏼 twitter.com/KamalaHarris/s…

iPhone : Voldemort didnt try to kill Harry Potter until he was 55
Darth Vader was nearly 40 when he built the Death Star
Hannibal was 52 when he escaped from captivity
Thanos was over 65 when he collected the infinity gems
Annie Wilkes was 44 when she found Paul

Its never too late ❤️