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Bio Designer-scholar-writer. Associate Professor @VCDKentState. Critical practices and design conversations in the public sphere.
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Twitter Web App : Being envious of your peers' success:
-Emotionally unhealthy
-Unfair to them

Having your eyes go wide and trembling and gasping out "s-such power" like in anime:
-Recognizes accomplishments
-Sets aspirations for yourself

Twitter Web App : After a Florida kid got mocked by classmates for his homemade UT Knoxville t-shirt, the university not only sent him some legit merch, but put his version into production w proceeds going to STOMP Out Bullying™. Demand crashed their online shop within hours 🙂…

Twitter Web App : Brian LaRossa Not sure about AIGA specifically, but yes, this seems to be a growing trend among formal organizations. Perhaps they're becoming a thing of the past. I've wondered if people are simply finding community elsewhere (w/o membership fees, etc )

Twitter Web App : This is one of the most famous paintings in American history: Declaration of Independence.

I decided to put red dots on all the men who held slaves.

Next time someone puts them on a pedestal and says we cant question their judgement on guns or whatever, show them this image.

Twitter Web App : I have cancer surgery scheduled later this month, so I have to miss the first two weeks of class. Rather than providing me with a sub, the university is proposing to remove me from the class I designed and cutting my load (and paycheck) by 2/3rd.

Adjuncting sucks

Twitter Web App : pulled over because of suspicious looking tools in the back of my car
polis: are those samurai swords?
me: they're #bookbinding tools
polis: where are you going?
me: going to do a bookbinding demonstation in #Oxford
polis: what are the bookbinders demonstrating about, in Oxford?

Twitter Web App : “­Do back exercises. Pain is distracting.”

Margaret Atwood's 10 rules of writing…

Twitter Web App : “In 40 years of medical practice, I have found only two types of non-pharmaceutical ‘therapy’ to be vitally important for patients with chronic neurological diseases: music and gardens.”

Remembering Oliver Sacks, who returned to the soil 4 years ago today…

Twitter Web App : International Communication Design Educators Awards competition. Deadline: Saturday, August 31, 2019.

#designcompetition #designawards #graphicdesign #visualcommunications #visualcommunicationdesign #designresearch #designthinking #designfaculty…

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Twitter Web App : International Communication Design Educators Awards competition deadline in 3 days! Submit your design research today for consideration.

Check out the distinguished jury profiles.…

#designcompetition #designthinking #designresearch #graphicdesign

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Twitter Web App : “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

Abiding wisdom on attention and grace from the remarkable young woman whom Albert Camus considered the greatest spirit of the era and who died on this day in 1943, for her values, at only 34:…

Twitter Web App : Dr. Antje Gamble Agreed – these things have been pretty real for me too, and for many of my grad students. Even with institutional funding/reimbursement, there are up-front costs to doing things that are expected aspects of our jobs. Many of us don't have a safety net... and yet we persevere!

Twitter Web App : I've seen a lot of job applications and portfolios this month for our designer role. So I'd like to share some thoughts on things I noticed good and bad in the process, which I hope will help anyone in their job quests.

Twitter Web App : It's official.

In an effort to reduce carbon emissions and improve safety, Minneapolis will no longer permit drive-throughs anywhere in the city.…

Twitter Web App : We so illegal we use servers in Russia for our campaign


Twitter Web App : 2019 mass shootings:

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Twitter Web App : The crowd at Trump’s rally chanting “send her back” after the President viciously and dishonestly attacked Ilhan Omar is one of the most chilling and horrifying things I’ve ever seen in politics.