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Bio New York Times Bestselling Author / Illustrator of Tomorrow I’ll be Brave. Lettering Artist, Over-Sharer, Parent of Small People, Tragically Optimistic
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iPhone : Me in 2 mos:

“The mouth part is moving, but the head part is a collection of rattling bolts and phrases like, “Remember to buy hummus" or “Is it Tuesday?” A meat suit’s calendar is day/night, day/night, and not sure.”…

Twitter Web Client : Illustrator nerd Q: my eyedropper tool started sampling exact values instead of swatches / can I switch this back? It's seriously seriously slowing me down / messing with my global color situation. Adobe

iPhone : If you can muster the ability to do this, it is amazing. I’ve experienced a version of this with aggressive tweeters, and approaching with compassion almost always yields positivity on both sides.…

Twitter Web Client : I've always considered "ordering a $12 sandwich without thinking twice" as the first major milestone of affluence.

"Watching your children eat $12 in blueberries AS A SNACK IN 3 MINUTES" must be a few rungs above that because it definitely gives me anxiety.

iPhone : Mike Smith That’s a bit much. I pay 800, but I think the going rate for “semi complex self employment” is around 1000 depending on where you live and how many phone calls / prep sessions you have as a part of it

iPhone : Adam Rubin I wanted to do a hometown stop on my tour and realized that there were absolutely no bookstores. Walmart is the closest option for buying books. No stand alone bookstores.