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Twitter Web App : Looking to hire for a few roles! Freelance Designer, freelance producer, Design intern, email to apply with your website / resume

iPhone : the truth shall set us free

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Hootsuite Inc. : “Im not well-adjusted at all. How many rockstars does it take to put in a light bulb? One; the world revolves around me.” —David Lee Roth,

LaterMedia : Pop a cork for National Prosecco day! We recommend Acinum with Aperol, starting right now. Cin cin!

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Twitter Web App : My weekly edition of fun things to click on:…

Twitter Web App : Nicola Sznajder Im sorry about that, Nicola — this is a new one on me. Sorry for the nuisance. (Reed Reeder, can you investigate?) Nicola, let me know if theres anything else you need. Thank you for persevering! —JH

TweetDeck : Take a look! Pick up the beautiful #TDCAnnual with the #TDC64 and #type #design winners in the TDC Shop! Fantastic design by #Triboro of #Brooklyn Get yours:

Twitter Web App : A beautiful hand-colored engraving from the 1543 book ‘On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres’, by Nicolaus Copernicus.

TweetDeck : Today on Brand New (Linked): The XFL announces its inaugural set of team names and logos. A linked video has dramatic intros for each team…

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Twitter Web App : psa: youre lovable and youre worthy of love! something my therapist tells me once a week. new spray paint installation in NYC, finished in a couple hours back in may

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iPhone : Andrea Rosen: ”‘conceptually rigorous, fully aware of the responsibility of putting one’s subjectivity in the public realm, and unafraid of actually being beautiful.” ⁦Smithsonian⁩…

Sprout Social : This is it – the final countdown. Only a few hours left before the #TypeEras deals disappear, but you still have time!

iPhone : In fact, I constantly tell myself: Protect your peace, pick a few issues that matter most to you. You are not obligated to invest your emotions into every issue that trends on social media. Those vary day-to-day. Be more in control of emotions.

Twitter Web App : ☞ “Vulnerability and transparency are strengths masquerading as weaknesses. Companies too scared to embrace both traits in their content forfeit bona fide user-brand connections.” Travis McKnight @AListApart…

Twitter Web App : in all of the 1980s satanic panic how did no one ever point a finger at these kids who could solve the rubics cube

iPhone : Justin Maxwell Figma It’s pretty straight-forward — the desktop app runs a simple http server. The web app attempts to connect and communicate with that server. Spotify and many others do the same thing.

Twitter Web App : I doubt I’ll ever be able to justify buying anything from the wonderful collection of James E. Arsenault & Company, but I still love getting their email newsletters about recent acquisitions so I can at least dream about it.…

Twitter Web App : R.I.P. #davidkoch. Andrew Tider and I included you in this little project so your life is not forgotten!

Buffer : Smart home tech thats as easy to use as assembling Ikea furniture.… : Malte Ubl davegehring Tony Haile You won’t recommend me for a Product Manager job at Google?

My dreams lie in tatters before me.

How about a position on the AMP advisory committee? I’m hoping fascists like me aren’t barred.

iPhone : Mañana viernes (16 hs) en Buenos Aires nos movilizamos frente a la Embajada de Brasil por la catástrofe en la Amazonia.

Buen momento para salir de la catarsis de las redes sociales y entrar realmente en acción.

Tenés que venir.

Twitter Web App : The possibilities with video are endless. Our team will partner with you to help you choose the right video format for your needs. We’ll share a range of examples and tailor fit a solution just for you. #marketing #video #videoproduction #digitalmarketing #graphicdesign

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Twitter Web App : Moodzine by Bis Studio: ‘This fanzine is a kind of graphic mood post, a way to promote our inspirations, feelings, our gaze in front of graphic design through a graphic narrative form’ #grafikmedia #graphicdesign #graphic #magazine #zine #illustration

Twitter Web App : Heres what we know so far about the fires raging in the Amazon:
– Brazil’s space research center said it detected thousands of fire
– A majority of the fires were set by farmers
– The blazes could jeopardize the Earth’s “lungs

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Twitter Web App : Still some nice gigs in #NYC in August, check the calendar:

#NYC #NY #August #events #concert #gigs #WhatsGoingOn #MadisonSquareGarden

iPhone : I want to tell my 20 year old self that justice is a journey and that it’s worth the effort to take time to build real coalitions. I also want to tell that young activist that in order to be seen by the world one must first see and love yourself in all your halting complexity.

Twitter Web App : Call it what it is: this is planetary arson, this is ecocide, this is a crime against humanity. Bolsonaro must be stopped. This is not a Brazilian issue. This is a global crisis.…

iPhone : picking a font:

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Twitter Web App : Extending a true kindness is ALWAYS expansive. It always generates possibility and opportunity. The ROI of your generosity will return to you in ways you may not recognize immediately. #ThursdayThoughts #ThursdayMotivation #leadership #BeKind #PayItForward

Instagram : I’ve had this glitter brush for years and honestly I don’t use it NEARLY enough. It’s magic. I wish I brought it with me to Sydney (hi Sydney!) because now that I’m watching this video again I want to glitter E V E R……