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Bio Journalist and editor. Now, birds on the brain as Senior Editor for Audubon magazine. She/her. Pitches, hellos:
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Twitter Web App : The burrowing owls of Florida's Marco Island make good neighbors. And as it turns out, local residents, researchers, and a fierce cadre of “bad-ass women” have proven pretty good neighbors themselves.…

Twitter Web App : Hurrah to the town of Mutual Consent, Maryland (up the road from Another Place)

Twitter Web App : Josh Sokol We published it on Friday, but I thought of it again today in light of Trump's ESA rollback. FWS has proposed to downlist this beetle to threatened, even though the recent species status assessment says that its risk of extinction will be high in coming decades due to warming.

Twitter Web App : Wow, this is so shady, and another reason to not use platforms for delivery. Go the restaurant's website, and give a cash tip.…

Twitter Web App : Jessica Leber Andrea Bonisoli-Alquati If you know of a community or wildlife hotspot that's grappling with any kind of PFAS pollution, I'd like to hear about it. We need to keep investigating these links and report them to the EPA, which is still wavering on what real protections and laws should look like.

Twitter Web App : Wild birds often show us the risks of chemical contamination long before they become apparent in humans. Great story on the mounting evidence & momentum to take on PFAS.…

Android : My National Geographic story on a secret trove of mining company environmental data on deep sea ecosystems targeted for mining and what it means for the fantastical creatures that live in the deep ocean. Plus: deep sea whales! #deepseamining via National Geographic

Twitter Web Client : Could a simple new technology help prevent birds from being zapped by power lines? Scientists say there's some compelling evidence that the answer is yes:…

Twitter Web Client : Want to learn how to put your photos to work to help birds? Here's a little primer from Audubon Magazine!……

Android : "If the woman in the bathrobe had tipped zero, DoorDash would have paid me the whole $6.85. Because she tipped $3, DoorDash kicked in only $3.85. She was saving DoorDash $3, not tipping me."

😡 Always tip in cash!…

Android : Subway thoughts: I'd like to be surprised by how my face ages, hopefully to embrace it. I don't need my face fed into the robot prediction machine.

Android : IT WORKED! Weve achieved successful #kakapo artificial insemination for the first time in a decade. 3 females from 15 attempts produced 5 viable eggs - 2 chicks surviving. This is a huge breakthrough for #kakapo #conservation.… #kakapo2019 #kakapoAI

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Android : The ghost orchid—one of the rarest and most mysterious flowers in North America—grows in the towering trees of the Everglades. Despite extensive efforts, scientists could only guess at how the plants were pollinated—until now.…