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Bio Labour candidate for Birmingham Yardley

Sordid, Unseemly & Grotesque according to a little man on the internet.

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Android : The sirens rang past my house last night and just a hundred odd metres from my home a man and woman found dead, no one else was involved say the police. I wish I didn't know the story so well.

Android : The Tories pose a serious threat to our NHS and theyre gagging workers from speaking out about it.

People need to know the truth 👇
#Ridge #Marr

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Android : This is a fair point, but the suggestion constantly that put a Rosette on (insert object/animal) here and it would win is utter nonsense…

Android : I know it's a bot but this is said to me a lot so..... I have a big majority, yes! But until 4 years ago my seat was a marginal Lib Dem seat. It's only been Lab for 4 years. Since the 1990s my seat has been Tory, Lab and Liberal, it is literally the definition of a marginal.…

Android : How about inspiring hope and working hard for the local people, while campaigning on the things they care about. #callmeoldfashioned…

Android : WTAF this isn't a game! Grow the hell up and care more that there aren't enough GPs and you said there would be, not a gotcha on numbers. YOU LIED! Hope you're all loling at CCHQ while the rest of us wait weeks to see a doctor, you irresponsible children.…

Android : Breaking - 9 Russian businessmen who gave money to the Conservative party are named in a secret intelligence report on the threats posed to UK democracy which was suppressed last week by Downing Street. See tomorrow’s Sunday Times story with caroline wheeler

Android : Hey Twitter. I need your help.

My wife starts chemo tomorrow and our amazing daughter wants to cut her hair off to show her support, she’s 11.

Please like and retweet the hell out of this to show her how many people think what she’s doing is amazing


Android : Ive missed whatevers gone on because I think I have successfully blocked and muted so many of the bores. But a message I can get behind is Ayesha Hazarika is my kinda woman. An asset to our movement and a grafter in the campaign.…