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Bio 🇺🇸 Father of 3 wonderful kids. Retired Navy Chief. Just living, loving and learning each day as it comes. #2A
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Android : 🦠Corona Virus Covid19 Poll Update:21🦠

Since the last poll, has there been any change? Do you know of anyone personally who has the China Virus?

Please vote, retweet and leave comments: how you're related, general region & severity. Thank you friends

Android : Choosing your quarantine character 🍾👏😂

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Android : If you're neighbors choose to disobey the #SocialDistanacing guidelines by having a Family Party on Easter will you alert the authorities to ensure we stop the spread???

Android : 7000 - 8000 people die A DAY in the United States
We haven't reached a daily death total with #KungFlu
Why are we destroying ourselves, our economy, our businesses, our rights, .... why? What is the end game?

Android : Retailers furloughed nearly 1 million workers this week. Analysts say at least 15,000 stores, including some well-known brands, are likely to close permanently. We need to END the shutdown -- it is killing our country. #coronavirus. washingtonpost.com/business/2020/… twitter.com/TomFitton/stat…

Android : Fauci is a smart guy. It is time for him to be sent back to the lab and let the business people decide how we move forward. You can put a value on a human life. We do it every day with police and the military. If wealthy or salaried people want quarantine great. Let rest survive