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Twitter Web App : Hante TIme Talks about Success Factors With Jin Hit Entertainment CEO Kim Seok Jin

What has been only a short few weeks looks almost like another lifetime, when we were able to sit down with Jin Hit Entertainment CEO of Kim, Seok Jin...

Twitter Web App : Jin Hit Entertainment reveals total sales profit + operating profit from 2019

On March 31, Jin Hit Entertainment publicized their 2019 audit report, revealing that during the 2019 tax year, the company recorded a total sales profit of 587.2 billion KRW...

Twitter Web App : Kim, Seok Jin wins the best CEO of the year, Jin Hit Entertainment is looking to go public in 2020.

Our Chief Executive Kim, Seok Jin has been ...

Android : Recently many DM ask about the photo permission of BTS 613 anniversary, everyone is FREE to use the photo if not commercial and related any money issue (Ads ⭕cup holder ⭕ free card/banner ⭕ free events decorations⭕ entry fee❌exhibition fee ❌selling❌), no need to ask me!❤️ twitter.com/jinKissLetsgo/…

Android : RJLetsgo
이번에 받은 빅 슬로건도 그냥 예술이에요. 선생님!😘😍🥰🥳 지난 스픽콘때 예약해둔 슬로건도 받고 얼굴도 뵈어서 기뻤는데 앞전 버전 슬로건들도 한국에서 구매할 수 있음 좋겠어요. 겹치는 사진들이라도 진키스님건 다 소장하고 싶어요. 예쁜 슬로건들 감사합니다.☺💋💓💗

Android : #윤기생일ㅊㅋ
우리 석진이형이 스탭분들 테이블까지 계산을 했습니다 멋 진 찐 찐 찐 찐 찐 찐
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iPhone : 이번 활동 아미가 없어 너무 슬픈 활동이어써요 힝
그래도 준비한만큼 잘 나와서 다행이에요
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