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Facebook : It goes without saying that we should practice inclusivity everyday, but I’d like to bring attention to two events where you can be part of collective efforts, happening this Saturday.
Come dressed in purple for...…

Facebook : Just putting this out there and stating for a fact that if this had happened today, she would go viral. But it was 1992, and none of us were woke yet.

The female dancer in the video, Sing Yuen Lim...…

Facebook : I can’t tell you how often I feel inadequate about having never studied music formally. There is so much I do not understand, and quite frequently I feel like a fool. The truth is I have tried...…

Facebook : 今晚其实拍了不少美美的照片,不过 the only ones that really matter are these!!!
#周华健 #wakinchau #waulive2018 @ National Stadium

Facebook : The only time when underarm-anything is fun...
#swingdance #lindyhop #jodongtour2018 #董姿彦巡演2018 #西湖花朵音乐节

Facebook : It must be mentioned that a space is nothing without its people - and besides the trust and support of Blu Jaz Cafe boss Aileen, there is one person without whom Blu Jaz and consequently our scene...…

Facebook : Some of you may have seen my previous post regarding the Public Entertainment License being cancelled at Blu Jaz, being quoted in The Straits Times today. I am heartened, that if nothing else, I am...…

Facebook : TL;DR
please go to the link below for instructions on how to write a letter to appeal against Blu Jaz Cafe losing their public entertainment license


Facebook : Huge thanks to my fans who came to catch our show in Guangzhou! I was mighty impressed that you were singing along to 雪下得正好 In Time for Snow! Thank you for making us feel so welcomed 💋
#jodongtour2018 #董姿彦巡演2018 #guangjo

Facebook : So awesome lah! She’s got everything it takes to be an international star! Singapore - you can be part of to making this happen, by sharing and supporting Jasmine Sokko 🖤…

Facebook : Hong Kong vibin’ 💋 Thank you for having us! So good to catch up with friends and meet new ones! And now, Shanghai - here we come!
#jodongtour2018 #董姿彦巡演2018 @ 1563 at the East

Facebook : In an age where people’s lives and thoughts are being shared real time, I really can’t quite keep up. It was pretty overwhelming to be back in Beijing performing exactly a year after my grand finals of Sing China....…

Facebook : Had an awesome time thanks to my awesome team, my awesome friends, and the awesome audiences at my first show of the tour! Thank you Taipei! (如果大家有拍到照片请用以下hashtag!)
#JoannaDongTour2018 #董姿彦巡回2018 @ SMEXY

Facebook : 感谢台湾朋友们的支持!Grateful for the support, see you soon in Taiwan!…

Facebook : Even though the singer seems to always get the limelight, I always feel small next to the true talents who are the songwriters. It is their stories I am telling on stage! It’s always lovely catching up with industry...…

Facebook : 今年的《明天36》演唱会上我唱了《黎明的心》- 当时只是单纯的以为是因为黎明姐姐有事没法出席。我现在才知道她缺席的真正原因。


Facebook : Jo董 & 周董 🕺🏻💃🏻
📷Razrick Photography
#singchina #f1nightrace @singchina @f1nightrace

Facebook : Excited to be attending Postmodern Jukebox in concert tomorrow night! Can’t wait to hear all their fun vintage twists on pop songs!……

Facebook : Hello my friends in Hong Kong! I hope to see you at my show on 9 Oct, at 1563 On The East! More info in the links below 🙂


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