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Bio Combat Vet 9th Infantry Division Lover of the arts & equality thru #progressive #politics Im a fervid nyctophiliac. Hablo Español & Parlo Italiano un poco #FBR
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Twitter Web Client : Watch this commercial it will jolt you because it portrays what school children must face everyday. It is a not so subtle reminder what America has become & how spineless our politicians are.

With Harrowing Ads, Gun Safety Groups Push a Darker Reality

Twitter Web Client : Folmer was charged with sexual abuse of children, possession of child pornography & criminal use of a communication facility. Me: Not surprised just another day in the life of the GOP pedo farm

Pennsylvania state senator charged with child porn possession…

Twitter Web Client : “Please save your praise, we don’t want it,” said Thunberg, She is inspirational Greta is one reason to make sure that you & your family & friends are ready to vote

Climate activist Greta Thunberg used her superpower of shaming adults on Senate Democrats…

Twitter Web Client : Instead of staring down “the unholy alliance of lobbyists & donors & special interests” the influence industry has flourished during his administration.


Trump Has Added More Lobbyists To His Cabinet In 3 Years Than Barack Obama Did In 2 Terms…

Twitter Web Client : A total of 18 House Republicans have left or are leaving Congress this election cycle, compared with just 4 Democrats. Dems need a mega voter registration
drive like never seen before if we are going to win more seats

GOP struggles with retirement wave…

Twitter Web Client : Obama put Roberts’ role in journalism in a historical & cultural context.
While #trump says she didn't treat me nicely. Me: of course you didn't know her she never worked for Fox

Obama Shows Class While Trump Is Trash After The Death Of Cokie Roberts…

Twitter Web Client : I mean being under oath to Congress & being under oath to the FBI you can’t tell different stories without criminally lying in one of those circumstances. Says the Dr.

Dr. Maddow Busts Corey Lewandowski As A Criminal & Crushes His Hopes Of A Senate Seat…

Twitter Web Client : #trump: “The New York Times made another terrible mistake. It’s a shame that a thing like that could happen,” Me: then sue them for libel, Oh you can't cause Kavanaugh would have to be deposed and besides that he would lose

New storm rises over Kavanaugh…

Twitter Web Client : This is a scandal that has been brewing for years Chao has shown that she is a perfect fit for the #trump administration by abusing her cabinet position for family financial gain.

Mitch McConnell’s Wife Under Investigation For Conflicts On Interest…

Twitter Web App : For more than 20 years, the US has spent millions of dollars training and dispatching the bomb-sniffing and specially trained dogs to other nations

The treatment they have received in Jordon is unconscionable


Twitter Web Client : Mental problems infest autocratic governments, but many people in the US are showing the same symptoms & are suffering under #trump & our tyrannical WH. We must resist

The Trump depression (and we don't mean the economy): Key symptom of autocratic regimes…

Twitter Web Client : The GOP’s Kavanaugh problem is not going away. More women are coming forward & impeachment does seem as unlikely as it was a few days ago. Me: This is why we need the senate #VoteBlue

Sen. Hirono Calls For The Immediate Impeachment Of Brett Kavanaugh…

Twitter Web Client : It took 2 women to investigate the Kavanaugh accusations & find that they had merit & this is exactly why it matters that women have a seat at the table

Kavanaugh’s Sexual Assault Lies Are So Much More Than Just Another Trump Scandal… via PoliticusUSA

Twitter Web Client : Terry Dittes UAW's GM head, said the union is "standing up" for fair wages, health care and job security. Me: Fair wages, healthcare & job security are words not found in the GOP lexicon

Trump urges General Motors to reach deal with union as strike looms…

Twitter Web App : T.I. echoes that which we’ve known since she started preaching this shit. Candace NaNa Alize’ Owens long ago revealed exactly who she’s not. Trump can have her cause we don’t want. This tired ashy chicken head has never spoken for us! Girl Be gone!✌🏿out!…

Twitter Web App : There is no excuse for our Vets to be in debt due to Healthcare Costs.

Trump says he love Vets. Its a damn lie.

When a Democrat takes her seat in the Oval Office on 1-20-21:

This is job 1.

The Land of the Free must Take Care of the Brave. #OneVoice1…