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Bio Combat Vet 9th Infantry Division Lover of the arts & equality thru #progressive #politics Im a fervid nyctophiliac. Hablo Español & Parlo Italiano un poco #ERA
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Twitter Web App : We must win in KY the state that's holding America hostage because of #MoscowMitch so lets make his playground as blue as possible visit & follow Alexandra Owensby - KY affects us all

Join me in supporting Alexandra Owensby via ActBlue…

Twitter Web Client : News outlets reported Ablow’s medical license was revoked last year after allegations that he engaged in inappropriate sexual activity with patients & illegally provided prescriptions to his employees.

DEA Raids Home Of Anti-LGBT Fox News Psychiatrist…

Twitter Web App : The Coronavirus could affect consumers around the world by causing product shortages or increased prices on goods produced in China.

A world wide recession is possible.

Coronavirus Brings About Another Issue For Retailers: Delayed Production…

Twitter Web App : I will not compare our political state to Jews in France in the Holocaust. Their tragedy is unmatched in history.

They did not see it coming until it was on them. The reality was far too dark.

When the truth was revealed, hope gone, there was only fire.…

Twitter Web App : When Republicans in Washington say they’re “for health care” or claim they’re protecting our essential lifelines, pay attention to what they’re actually doing.

Register to vote. We have to strengthen our Majority, win back the Senate and elect a Democratic President of the U.S.…

Twitter Web Client : Sadly Hayes is spot on. It is up to Americans to keep our democracy, no one in DC cares they only care about themselves, #Resist

'Only Thing to Stop Him Is Us': Chris Hayes Calls for Resistance to Trump's 'Authoritarian' DOJ Meddling in Stinging Monologue

Twitter Web App : American taxpayers are revolted by the notion Donald Trump has been luxuriating in the White House for the past three years, at their expense.

Conversely, U.S. taxpayers would gleefully foot the bill for Trump’s accommodations in prison — indefinitely.

Twitter Web App : Trump, the Impeached POTUS, is trying to kill 700,000 Americans buy taking away their Food Stamps

‘I Think People Will Starve.’ Experts Are Worried About the Hundreds of Thousands Who Could Lose Food Stamps Come April

Twitter Web App : Trump returned to Mar-a-Lago on Friday evening for the 29th golf-related trip of his presidency to his Florida resort, raising his total taxpayer golf tab to $133.8 million.

That’s 334 years of the salary that Trump boasts he is not taking.…

Twitter Web Client : The DOJ dropped the case against McCabe, & the Army is refusing to investigate Army hero Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman. Trump’s campaign for revenge is not off to a great start.


Trump Keeps Losing As The Army Refuses To Investigate Vindman…

Twitter Web App : If you listen, you can hear the boots on the streets. In your mind, you can visualize the darkness of a night without a dawn. The sun is not shining. Thunder is rolling. The noise in the silent day is overwhelming. Your eyes refuse to see the truth before you. Tyranny rises.

Twitter Web App : It is midnight in Washington. The dying of the light of democracy is upon us. Rise up, America, and defend this country against the fascist forces that Trump has built. Trump is destroying our nation’s history and future. Here & now, Trump must be stopped.

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Twitter Web App : Joe Biden leads the field of Democratic candidates in South Carolina by 8 points with 28% of likely voters supporting him, with Sanders coming in second, according to polling data released 2/14/20 by East Carolina University (ECU).…

Twitter Web App : Judge takes rare step in Ghislaine Maxwell lawsuit. The elusive Maxwell has now officially been served and summoned to appear in court. The sordid Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking saga continues.…

Twitter Web App : After two states whose population does not reflect the diversity of the American voters, only 3% of the delegates are awarded.

This is not the end of the fight for #JoeBiden.

It's the beginning of the end for everyone who counts him out.