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Twitter Web App : I'm on the hunt for a strategy director with strong experience across comms, creative & production. Get in touch. Full time, Sydney. #jobs

Twitter Web App : There are entire companies built around discredited pseudosciences of physiognomy & phrenology.

Twitter Web App : How to care for your dev team:

❤️ Invest in learning and development (both time and 💸)
👯 Build mentorship and feedback loops into your process. Show up, be present.
🎙️Take their frustrations seriously (like, seriously). Small issues fester
🧁 Celebrate wins, often.

Twitter Web App : Fun fact: nearly all the LGBT parents I spoke to in Melb and Syd said that their children seeing “vote no” in the sky during the postal vote was the most traumatising moment in the entire process

One child asked their parents “if the No side wins, will you get put in jail?”…

Twitter Web App : “The existing interactive [VR] technologies are sexist in their effects. That is to say, they are more likely to make women sick than men.”…

Twitter Web App : Ben Schwarz Take care mate. This flu is brutal. 7 days more or less in bed for me. Don’t want to sound all parental but any signs of earache get to the dr for antibiotics. My little one got a perforated ear drum.
Take care.

Twitter Web App : Hi followers! I have a request for anyone who has seen my Designing Against Domestic Violence talk or engaged with the content in some way: can you tell me if it's actually made a difference in your work? Has it influenced your behavior in some way?