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Bio Husband, Father, Dog Daddy, Cat Subject, Horror Author, Geek. Ill sleep when Im dead, I guess.
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Twitter Web App : Anyone who tried to email me and got a bounceback that my mailbox was full, it's taken care of now, so feel free to try again.

Android : Richard @ AreYouIntoHorror podcast raves that THE CORRUPTION OF ALSTON HOUSE by John Quick is one of the best haunted house stories he’s ever read. Check it out!

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Twitter Web App : Somer Canon Five jobs I've had:
1. Pizza delivery driver
2. Short order cook
3. Bookstore Co-Manager
4. "Exotic Dance Club" Assistant Manager
5. IT Help Desk Technician
Yeah, I've been kinda all over the place job-wise, lol.

Twitter Web App : Didn't actually manage any sprints today (yesterday? time's weird for a night owl), but still managed about 1400 words. Considering how distracted my brain's been with the apocalypse, I'd call that a good night! #MandoMethod #MandoMafia #AmWriting

Twitter Web App : BrianKeene I feel you. Having to go to the day job because my bills still have to get paid, everyone looking at me funny because I cough since I smoke too much, wondering what the economy's going to look like once this is done: my blood pressure's barely contained by the meds at this point.

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Twitter Web App : Read my review of Savage Mountain by ⁦John Quick⁩ and ⁦Grindhouse Press

Listen to me, I don’t see enough of you reading and talking about John Quick. I better see that change soon.…

Twitter Web App : That thing that others mock you for? Be excited about it. Embrace your groove and don’t let negativity break your spirit. Because that passion? That enthusiasm? It’s beautiful.