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Twitter Web App : Thank you for all the love on #ConversationsInTheDark! If you havent had a chance to listen or watch the lyric video yet, check it out here:

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Twitter Web App : We can help returning citizens pay their fees and fines so they can vote in Florida. Every dollar counts!…

Android : Remember when Stop and Frisk was struck down and all these reactionary voices in NYC rose in unison to say it would spell a new era of horrible crime? They were 100% wrong. It's the exact same play now with bail reform.

Android : Oh my God.

Trump’s a threat to our a Democracy & Constitution.

Those who ignore it, will go down in history as complicit cowards.

Think of what he’s capable of doing in a 2nd term w/o re-election as a deterrence. He must be defeated.

Vote him out!🇺🇸…

Android : Yeah, before you announce to the world that you’d rather Donald Trump get a second term than one of the Democratic candidates, think for a second about the most vulnerable people in your life who would be hurt by four more years of this lunatic and GOP rule.…

Android : Some of you Bernie supporters do quite the disservice to your candidate, who seems to be a great human being. Try not to drive people away with your nastiness. I will happily vote for him if he wins the primary. Chill

Android : The lyrics to #ConversationsInTheDark will melt your heart. 😭 ❤️

Dont miss John Legend on #ThisIsUs TONIGHT 9/8c on NBC Entertainment.


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iPhone : Tune in to @NBCThisIsUs tonight at 9/8c to hear my new song #ConversationsInTheDark and see a guest appearance by yours truly. #IWontBreakYourHeart

Android : 🚨REJECT FEAR: Police, prosecutors, & right-wing media allies are fearmongering to undo bail reform in NY. Its cynical. It’s dangerous. Now *you can do something at*

Spread truth. Contact lawmakers. Report mistruths. Watch. Share.

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