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Bio Author of A Bigger Table, Hope, and Low.
Unapologetically committed to equality, diversity, compassion, love, and justice.

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Twitter Web App : Trump's Body: You know you don't belong here, right?

Trump's Brain: That's Vladimir's fault.…

Twitter Web App : 5 years ago I was fired from my church for being outspoken in matters of inclusion, equality, and diversity.
It was the greatest gift I ever received. I could now ask anything and say everything.
Take every opportunity to be the most authentic version of yourself. It's worth it.

Twitter Web App : Grieving for people I love who are grieving unimaginable loss.

Sometimes the world doesn't make sense.

Twitter Web App : Christopher Feick jack 🌍🌏🌎 I got scolded on another platform for saying that instead of migrants of color, we should build a wall around racist white guys with guns.

But phony profiles with zero accountability spreading fake news and hateful garbage is fine, though.

Privilege is well protected.

Twitter Web App : You think I've gotten too loud.
I believe you've grown frighteningly quiet.
You believe I'm too opinionated.
I think you're still trying to straddle the fence.
You say I've gotten too political.
I say I've become more human.…

Twitter Web App : I tried to honestly tell someone a difficult truth that they refused to believe, despite ample evidence of it.

They accused me of "gaslighting" them.

I had to explain...

Twitter Web App : Finished the first chapter of what I hope will be my next book and am pretty excited. Think it can be really meaningful to a lot of people and give millions of people a place to belong.

Fingers crossed—news in a few week...

Twitter Web App : I almost feel bad for him—except that he's a treasonous, predatory, racist who's done more damage to this country and its people and the planet than anyone in my lifetime, so...


Twitter Web App : Yaaas!!!! Click on hashtag #clearthelists & help a teacher (& their kids) out.…

Twitter Web App : Bridget Joy 💙🌊💙🌊💙 One word: