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CoSchedule : "My father passed away four years ago, and one of the truths I've learned in that time, is that there are moments when those you love and have lost revisit you through your very life. "


CoSchedule : "When you believe one man above Science, above our Intelligence agencies, above former CIA directors and retired generals and revered journalists—when you believe that one man above even your own eyes and ears—you are fully indoctrinated."


CoSchedule : "Suicide isn't cowardly.
It's not weakness.
It isn't selfish.
It's born of a hopelessness that can imagine no other way out.
It is a thick, pitch black haze that prevents you from seeing light."


CoSchedule : "To hell with your phony civility.

You lost that moral high ground somewhere between excusing his mocking of a disabled reporter, his celebrating migrant kids in cages, and his ridiculing of a sexual assault survivor."


CoSchedule : "This is a Constitutional crisis and a family emergency.

We're wondering what happened to our nation—and to people we loved.

Yes, our Democracy is in peril but our most treasured relationships are in tatters too.

It's exhausting."


CoSchedule : "I wanted you to hear from another father, words that if you haven't heard from your own—you deserve to hear."


CoSchedule : "My driver's name was Mohammed, born in Afghanistan.

We got talking about America.

"How can the worst person in the world, be given the greatest country in the world to lead?" he remarked. "It's disgusting."

It really is, Mohammed."


CoSchedule : "Some people live always outnumbered.

With everything they have to battle in this life; all the wounds and trials and failures common to everyone—many people also have to battle themselves."


CoSchedule : "If Christian Conservatives had the same passion for migrant children, school shooting victims, sick toddlers, young black men, Muslim families, LGBTQ teens, and women's autonomy that they have for embryos—they'd actually be pro-life."


CoSchedule : "We felt we needed to say something while saying something is still allowed.We know many of you have lived under malevolent, unhinged dictators before, but this is new for us."…

CoSchedule : "I know you may believe this disconnection is about politics, but I want you to know that this simply isn't true.
This is about fundamental differences in the ways in which we view the world and believe other people should be treated."…

CoSchedule : "The pattern is astounding in its consistency:
They have no interest in contributing to the common good.
They will never build—they will only subtract.
They are incapable of creating anything beautiful or life-giving. They only know how to destroy."…

CoSchedule : "I wonder what it is that they think as they champion a nasty, predatory, misogynist like this man. I try to imagine the story that they tell themselves about him, about their own worth—and I wonder how they connect all the dots."…

CoSchedule : "Beta Male," seems to be a Trump fan's name for a man with decency, self-control, and compassion; someone a woman wouldn't need to fear being around when alone or vulnerable.

I'll gladly wear that label."…

Twitter Web Client : "For most people #FathersDay is made of sugary sweetness; of crayon-adorned cards and handmade gifts, of close embraces and tender words, ugly ties and lazy lunches and unapologetic kisses.

But you are not most people."…

CoSchedule : "If being a Christian, now means supporting openly racist candidates and excusing sexual assault claims and demonizing immigrants and worshiping America—you can count me out. You can keep that God."…

CoSchedule : "Of course he was going to legislatively assault women.

If you voted for him after he said he'd grab women by the p*ssy, don't act surprised that he's now grabbing them by the uterus."…

CoSchedule : "I am not insulted at the condescending insinuation that I might be gay, because I don't think anyone who is LGBTQ has anything to apologize for or be ashamed of—It's really pretty simple."


CoSchedule : "This is the very height of irony: people who've spent two years repeatedly glossing over or excusing or rationalizing away the most toxic, offensive, vulgar behavior and language—now greatly disturbed by a perceived lack of decorum."


CoSchedule : "Pete Buttigieg is a Christian because he has chosen to follow Jesus. Full stop.
He doesn't need your permission, doesn't require your blessing, and isn't waiting for your approval.
That's how this works."