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Twitter Web Client : I was in court for Julian #Assange's extradition hearing before a judge whose husband was a Tory defence minister. "My life is at stake," said a fragile Julian by video link from prison. Denied a computer, he is prevented from preparing his own defence. Such is British "justice".

Twitter Web Client : As Julian #Assange's extradition hearing opens, here are two contributions that highlight the critical importance to freedom of the #Assange case. Whose side are you on? they ask of journalists and all of us. It's time to choose.……

Twitter Web Client : Shameful news from Australia as the police raid journalists' offices and homes. One warrant allows them to "add, copy, delete or alter" computer files at the ABC. The assault on Julian #Assange was a clear warning to all of us: it was only the beginning.…

Twitter Web Client : The good news is that the Swedish charade over Julian #Assange is falling apart. A court has decided, in effect, against a European Arrest Warrant; the suppression of evidence has failed; the zealots have suffered a huge setback. The battle against a vengeful US begins next week.

Twitter Web Client : The UN Special Rapporteur on Torture says of Julian #Assange: “In 20 years of work with victims of war and political persecution I have never seen democratic states ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual. with so little regard for the law.”

Twitter Web Client : I was in court today for Julian #Assange's latest extradition hearing; but Julian himself was absent. He was in the Belmarsh prison hospital. His supporters at the court should now be joined by journalists across the world. My own union, the #NUJ, must be at the hearing in June.

Twitter Web Client : The Vichy journalists of the MSM have finally taken fright that the monstrous US charges against Julian #Assange are now a threat to them. Yet the cowards at the NYT, the Guardian etc continue to smear this heroic man who shamed them by refusing to join their gatekeepers' club.

Twitter Web Client : The fascist nature of the charges against Julian #Assange is demonstrated by those that relate to documents about Guantanamo Bay and "CIA detainee interrogation videos" -- torture videos. If the courts in Britain do not stop this grotesque charade, justice will lose all meaning.

Twitter Web Client : The war on Julian #Assange is now a war on all. Eighteen absurd charges including espionage send a burning message to every journalist, every publisher. The target today is #Assange. Tomorrow it will be you on the New York Times, you on the BBC. Modern fascism is breaking cover.

Twitter Web Client : The filthy war on Julian #Assange and Chelsea Manning, whose heresy is to have revealed the crimes of great power, intensifies. Craven Sweden plays to its theatre of darkness while Assange the prisoner is denied even his glasses. Read this fine piece ....…

Twitter Web Client : I visited Julian #Assange in prison. He has been ill, but his courage is astonishing. He is locked up for up to 23 hours. Let no one doubt he is a political prisoner, fraudulent events in Sweden included. His crime is truthful journalism. Shame on those who feign otherwise.

Twitter Web Client : The ex head of the Swedish Bar Association condemns Assange's treatment as "deplorable". Texts by the women involved were suppressed, After the alleged offence, Anna Arden texted her delight at being with Assange and "the world's coolest people". She later said, "I was not raped"

Twitter Web Client : Sweden suppresses vital evidence in the Assange case. Damning texts from the women include: "I did not want to put any charges against JA," and "it was the police who fabricated the charges”. Once extradited, Assange faces a secret trial, with no jury. This is an epic injustice.

Twitter Web Client : The Swedish case against Julian Assange stinks and has always stunk. One of the women involved said the police "railroaded" her. As in Pompeo's Washington, the aim is to "get" Assange regardless of facts: for the crime of embarrassing corrupt power.…

Twitter Web Client : The persecution of Julian Assange and the US assault on Venezuela are two urgent issues. In this interview on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, I refute the disinformation campaigns against both. Here's the audio link.…

Twitter Web Client : Whatever abuse of justice British magistrates hand down to Julian Assange, remember his words: “I do not wish to surrender myself for extradition for doing journalism which has protected many, many people”. Now we must protect him with massive support. Please think about it.

Twitter Web Client : Mark Weisbrot's and Jeffrey Sachs's shocking report that the US embargo on Venezuela has killed 40,000 people has almost no media pick up. No surprise; but consider the suffering, and the prospect of a Pinochet-style coup, the next time the Guardian solicits donations.

Twitter Web Client : While the "left" in the US embraces the Democratic Party, a prime source of imperialist violence, and Jeremy Corbyn remains effectively silent, in France an extraordinary movement grows, and grows.…

Twitter Web Client : The Extinction Rebellion consuming London streets is an inspiration. This is real politics. Imagine the same rebellion in support of Julian Assange. Now is the time to show the thugs who rule and arrest and their tame Vichy journalists that "ye are many, they are few".