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TweetDeck : When O.J. Simpson was charged with armed robbery in 2007, it wasn't much of a defense to say that for 12 years everyone had been waiting and hoping for something to put him behind bars.…

TweetDeck : full disclosure: I also made tzaziki sauce, pickled onions, and bought pita, hummus and harissa for the falafel. Made roast carrots with za'atar, salad, and garlic-lemon rice as sides.

TweetDeck : How evil a corporate shill is Kamala Harris? So evil she wants to fund public schools to provide more enrichment to low-income children…

TweetDeck : One time I was discussing the Detroit Lions with my dad. He called them mediocre. "They went 8-8," I replied. "That's not half bad!"

"Yes, it is," he replied.

TweetDeck : Oh cool -- TNR continues to just make stuff up about me. Melissa Gira Grant claims I have written that social acceptance of trans people... is at odds with medical best practices and could harm children. Ive never claimed this anywhere. Its just made up. They wont stop!