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iPhone : anyone who thinks you can have a quick little painless Tom Clancy AirBnB war with Iran has a bouquet of knotted assholes for a brain.

iPhone : People in 2016: Trump is going to put people in concentration camps.

Media: That's absolutely preposterous.

People in 2019: These are concentration camps.

Media: Are they, technically, "concentration camps" though?

iPhone : Strap on your safety goggles and hold your breath, were diving deep into the governments drain to take a closer look at the Mitch Mcconnell-shaped clog thats been mucking things up for ages.

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iPhone : Like any health insurance benefits provider, the tougher the system is to actually navigate, the more money the institution "saves" so why make it easy to get benefits that citizens are entitled to? Capitalism and the provision of basic human needs are at odds…

iPhone : I think there’s an argument that you need Biden as a boring transitional old white guy to settle some voters nerves, but I don’t think you can run an entire campaign in the style of “do you know who I am? How DARE you!”

iPhone : 2016: You guys are overreacting. Trump will grow into the presidency.

2019: Yes, I mean technically they're concentration camps, but they're not extermination camps.

Twitter Web Client : Evergreen tweet: the purpose of representative democracy is to protect the rest of us from the whims of insane rich people. Everything else is wainscoting.…

Twitter Web Client : I'm really enjoying this collection, but Gretchin Lair's SIGNAL LOST is an early standout. Perfect dystopian extrapolation of unintended best intentions, with elegant commentary on ... well you'll see.… via