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iPhone : “I understand the fear that poor people will abuse anything given to them. Or the feeling that they shouldn’t be given things, and the corollary to that, that they don’t deserve much.… I might think that way too had I not lived it.”…

iPhone : Look, either what Rudy & Trump are doing is an impeachable offense worthy of post-removal prosecution or it will be completely fine when a Democrat uses foreign aid to force Azerbaijan to hand over dirt on Ivanka's role in financing Iran's missile program.…

Twitter for iPad : Archaeology is all about the future because it is about how the future came to be. But best way to show this is to make an archaeology of space, as Alice Gorman does.…

Twitter for iPad : You might not burn your bridges but letting them fall apart over time due to lack of maintenance has essentially the same effect

Twitter for iPad : Trump visited the US border this week & said rock climbers tested his wall & agreed it cannot be climbed. But Mexicans have turned Trumps wall into a tourist attraction & are playing a game to see who can climb it the fastest, no ladders or ropes needed. The record is 45 seconds

iPhone : 1/4:Just to put this nonsense to complete rest: As an intelligence officer detailed to the White House, I listened to more of President Obama’s calls than I can honestly remember. It is the job of certain parts of the NSC to coordinate the calls and yes, make transcripts.…

iPhone : southpaw This is how Trump gets away with everything: he does something terrible, and rather than trying to hide it, he argues that it's okay, which, according to the rules of view-from-nowhere journalism, means it must be treated as a Contested Fact

Twitter for iPad : Man that costume design is aces.…

Twitter Web Client : I know people are paid to spam when they see certain topics, but are they paid bonus money for being truculent dipshits, or is that just a chicken/egg thing.