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Bio Leader of @LibDems and candidate for East Dunbartonshire. Remainer. Runner. Feminist. Author of Equal Power.
Location East Dunbartonshire & London
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Twitter Media Studio : The voice of Remain was shut out of #ITVDebate tonight. You heard nothing new from two backwards looking parties, both of whom want to deliver Brexit.

You can choose differently. On 12 December, vote Liberal Democrat to stop Brexit and build a brighter future.

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Twitter Media Studio : What Johnson and Corbyn wont tell you on schools: Brexit will make our country poorer, leaving less money to invest in our childrens future.

Liberal Democrats want a brighter future, by stopping Brexit and investing the money we save into our schools #ITVDebate

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Twitter Media Studio : What Johnson and Corbyn wont tell you on the climate emergency: the best way to tackle the climate emergency is from within the EU, working alongside our European friends and neighbours. #ITVDebate #LeadersDebate

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Twitter Media Studio : What Johnson and Corbyn wont tell you: Brexit will put your jobs at risk and make your weekly food shop cost more. Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and create a fairer economy. #ITVDebate

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Twitter Media Studio : Johnson and Corbyn wont tell you the truth - the biggest threat to our NHS is Brexit. Only the Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit and protect our NHS. #ITVDebate

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Twitter Web App : The institution of the monarchy is beyond reproach, says the man who lied to the Queen....#ITVDebate

Twitter Media Studio : What Johnson and Corbyn wont tell you is that whatever happens if we leave the EU, this is the beginning of years of negotiations. The Liberal Democrats will stop Brexit on day one and build a brighter future #ITVDebate

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Twitter Web App : I dont want to suggest that ITV are trolling me, but the green room only has a red team and a blue team.... #ITVDebate #DebateHer

Twitter Web App : So two questions in, and we've had neither person argue for staying in the EU, and neither person stand up for keeping our family of nations together. Some debate this..... #ITVDebate

iPhone : Today I visited University Hospital Southampton, meeting the fantastic NHS staff continuing to provide outstanding care to patients - despite a lack of investment. Our plan will combat severe staff shortages, chronic underfunding & crumbling hospital buildings 👇🏼👇🏼

Android : Being a Londoner means being open, inclusive, collaborative and diverse. Im putting myself forward to be your voice for #BermondseyandOldSouthwark in parliament. #LibDems

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iPhone : Great to join CBI today. The best way to help business in the UK is to #StopBrexit, which is exactly what we’ll do.…

iPhone : If you say you want to get Brexit done, you’re not a party of business. - @JoSwinson

The Liberal Democrats would #StopBrexit on our first day of government, and invest the £50 billion remain bonus in improving our country.


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iPhone : You deserve a straight answer to the simplest and most important question in our politics and he is literally unwilling to give it. If you want to #StopBrexit, vote Liberal Democrats.…

iPhone : Attn Liberal Democrats & anyone who might be thinking of voting for them...

An hour with Jo Swinson from 11am on LBC) 's Twitter Profile">LBC. Feast yourselves.

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iPhone : Shocking. The right to live, work and travel across Europe is one of the greatest benefits of the EU, and Labour and the Tories both want to scrap it.…