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iPhone : #RCGPAC
To sustain GP clinical work for 30+yrs with the enormous emotional burden of care, GPs need more than personal resilience. Prevention is always better than cure.
When will routine access to funded Clinical Supervision and debrief be built into Training and GP careers?

iPhone : At bus stop with white cane, a child asks “so what CAN you see?”

“I see beauty, kindness, sadness, struggle, love, friendship, emotions-things words can’t speak or show. I see light + colour too”

Teach the next gen to have better #vision + #insight for our world #WhatDoYouSee

iPhone : All NHS doctors and dentists in England now have access to a comprehensive mental health service, Health Secretary Matt Hancock has announced today.#doctorshealth #physicianhealth #dentistshealth

iPhone : Today, a man I know opened up to me.
He really isn't ok.

Vulnerable. Depressed. Anxious. Afraid.

Instead, he feels like a failure. Weak and unworthy.

This is what #Stigma does.

#mentalillness is all around us.

Dare to start a conversation.

iPhone : BBC One - Inside Out East, 21/10/2019 - important programme on Monday focusing on doctors & mental illness. The last taboo.…

iPhone : Sat by child on Tube:
“Mum, I want to be a Doctor when I grow up”. She laughed, “But Tim, you won’t be able to hear all the poorly people”
So I leant in, pointed to his+my hearing-aids+said “You can be anything you want to be. This is your superpower” #London #anythingispossible

Instagram : What a wonderful day we enjoyed last weekend at Joyful Doctor LIVE! 2019 in London.
My heart is full of joy and gratitude as I reflect on how the day unfolded. From beginning to end I felt truly……

iPhone : Tweeting the #Dr1in4 hashtag - a slightly less painful alternative to getting that semi-colon tattoo :)…

Instagram : Mental health problems in doctors - #Dr1in4
I’m in Derby - where tomorrow I’ll be talking to med students about my story of being a doctor with mental health difficulties - as part of the amazing and innovative……

iPhone : Thank you so much to all the amazing doctors who joined us in London yesterday for Joyful Doctor LIVE! 2019 - unbelievably emotional and wonderful day. So humbled and proud 💕🙏 #jdlive19 #joyfuldoctor