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Bio Software engineer. Social software geek. Silicon Valley & California native. Fiat justitia ruat cælum - Let justice be done though the heavens fall.
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iPhone : These are excellent avenues to be pushing forward on.

And somebody should be telling the public this. DARPA is probably forbidden from advertising what it’s doing.…

iPhone : Jonathan Simon ElectionBabe The Fox viewers probably think the virus is a hoax and will go out to vote regardless, so to the GOP, maybe they really are collateral damage — and they plan to make up the losses through voter suppression in November with their puppet judge.

iPhone : Jonathan Simon ElectionBabe I’m seeing people tweeting that they or their parents are still waiting for their absentee ballots to arrive at their home via mail. Emailing blank ballots to voters seems to not actually be an option. Only drop off (if you got your ballot) or postmark by today - or in person.

iPhone : Here’s something people in other states can do — phone bank help let people in Wisconsin know the courts just changed the rules on them and they need to get their vote in today (no extensions).

I just signed up.…

iPhone : And that’s the real problem here. Every dollar and hour spent on this is a dollar and an hour not spent on things that might work much better.

If something he didn’t promote turned out to be great — he’d probably ban it. He can’t let himself be upstaged.…

iPhone : After Wisconsin, Pelosi should use any leverage she has with Mitch on the next coronavirus bill to get one thing: Funding for vote by mail expansion in November. Even if contingent on an emergency declaration, the states need to prepare now.