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Bio In our age there is no such thing as keeping out of politics. All issues are political issues, and politics itself is a mass of lies.
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Twitter for iPad : On the most serious electoral fraud in modern times, the BBC - having suppressed coverage in the first place - continues to deceive the public.

Vote Leave was found GUILTY of overspending
Met Police are STILL investigating

How can you get something so important so wrong?…

Twitter for iPad : The following elements of the iPhone are the creations of public sector research:

Touchscreen display



The internet

The iPhone was a collective effort, created in large part by taxpayer-funded research.

This is one of the worst examples you could have used.…

iPhone : New from ⁦Rachel Wearmouth⁩ - Tory ministers have spent govt (public) cash on Facebook ads highlighting a fund that spends money in their towns - but it seems to be aimed at Tory swing seats 🤔. Ads went live the day they got backing for a snap election…

iPhone : This is disturbing. I gave evidence to the U.K. parliament’s Intelligence and Security committee about Russian operations in the U.K. with the assistance of British nationals. I was told yesterday that my testimony would be released this week as part of the report.…

iPhone : Key moment in Morrison testimony today. Morrison was asked whether Trump was above the law. Morrison refused to say Trump was above the law and responded that Trump was “not above the constitution,” according a source familiar with the testimony.

iPhone : The PM appears to be launching his election bid literally from the back of a chauffeur-driven car.

Is it possible they are not actually very good at this?…

iPhone : Lots of objections to class war appearing. Totally agree. Assault on welfare state, slashing top rate and corporate tax while imposing cuts on everyone else, driving people to food banks, Universal Credit, pay freezes, growth in zero hours. Where will it end? FFS.

iPhone : In view of an The Independent article today that Boris Johnson accused of suppressing secret report on Russian meddling in Brexit vote & UK elections, I'd remind people of what I wrote in Nov 2017 'Strip away the layers and Brexit becomes ever more murky'…

Twitter for iPad : Diplomatic editor Mark Urban says the Intelligence and Security Committee are accusing Downing Street of sitting on a report addressing claims of Russian interference in the 2016 EU referendum and the 2017 general election


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iPhone : Trump was made president by the rules of the constitutional system, not by "the American people," who voted against him by a margin of 2.7 million. A president who owes his job to the rules of the game is poorly positioned to complain about the *other* rules of the game

iPhone : NEW: Antoinette Sandbach joins the Lib Dem’s. Fifth former Tory to join LDs and will contest her Eddisbury seat as a LD. She had a 12k majority as a Conservative so very tough call to keep it as a LD. On @skynews now

iPhone : Rod Liddle gets away with this time and time again because of the woeful ineffectiveness of Ipso and its Editors Code.

But once again, serious questions need to be asked of gatekeepers like Fraser Nelson who allow this to be published

iPhone : As editor, Fraser Nelson bears ultimate responsibility for the vile racism & Islamophobia that is pouring out of the Spectator (the latest by Rod Liddle published today).

He is complicit & must not be allowed to dodge responsibility.